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Festival of Blood

Stefano Palmieri

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--Sydney Australia--

The King walked through St Marys Cathederal in Sydney. "Yes, this will do nicely", he thought to himself. Several szałwie walked around the room cleansing it before the ritual was to take place. The king turned to his assistant "Bring in the ofiary". After the assistant barked at a few people, a young Wampir boy and a young Wampir Girl aged about 12, both of who were good looking by Wampir Standards, were bought in to the king. "Great" he said, "They will do nicely". The boy and girl both attempted to conceal their tears as they thought about their upcoming roll. The king did one final lap of the Cathederal before leaving to see the progress of the Blood Draining before the feast.

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--St Mary's Cathederal--

The king walked out behind the Altar in full ceremonial dress. The szałwie had done an excellent job of grooving a series of grooves into the Altar. For an hour and a half the king and his congregation chanted to the gods Beideritha and Mallachy, before the main part of the ceremony began.

The young wampir were brought up to the altar. They were trembling with fear as the king finished his chants. The girl was brought up first. She was laid down on the altar Dressed in black1. The king said "Beidertha , uznawać nasz ofiara."2. He picked up a jeweled dagger and slammed it down into the girls throat severing the Trachea and jugular. The girl continued to bleed dry. Sekf controled she didnt cry but thought of it as an honour to be sent to her godess. She died with blood spraying out of her artery into the grooves the szałwie had made into the cup waiting to collect the blood. The boy watched wide eyed with horror. "NO !NO!" He started screamin as the king started to carry out the cleaning ritual on the altar. After the cleaning the king turned to the boy who was still screaming "NO! NO!". The king said quietly "yes". The Boy started sobbing "mum..*sniffle*.. Muummm".While he was still sobbing, the boy was dragged to the altar. and held there. The king picked up the dagger and called out over the cries of the boy for his mother, "Kaczka krzyżówka , uznawać nasz ofiara."3 "Mu..." the boy started before the dagger severed his vocal choards, trachea and jugular. He coughed, spluttered and shook violently as the blood left his body. After he had finally died his body was taken with girls outside. The king then recleaned the altar. After this he announced "My Brothers and sisters now we feast".

Everyone in the congregation walked outside and stood around eight poles arranged in a V formation with to out the front and the rest fanning out.4On the front two were the body's of the sacrificed boy and girl. On the 3 poles behind the boy's body were three living boys of approximately the same age. Behind the girls body were 3 living girls strung up to the poles. The king grabbed the cup containing the dead girl's blood and poured it on her head, he then proceeded to pour the deceased boys blood on his head. The king then turned to the people and said "Maj Beideritha i Kaczka krzyżówka uznawać nasz ofiary."5 As he said this several szałwie went and slit the wrists of the living children on the pole. They screamed in pain as a majory artery was severed, with blood pouring down the poles out of their wrists. The szałwie then lit the poles on fire and burned the children. After the lighting of the fires the king proclaimed "Now ladies and gentlemen we feast". As they went to feast, the screams of the children could be heard as they burned and their blood boiled.

OOC:1:Black is the colour of purity in Wampir Culture. 2:Beidertha, accept our sacrifice. 3:Mallachy, accept our sacrifice. 4: Its meant to be in a V formation with 4 in each row. 5:May Beideritha and Mallachy accept our sacrifices.

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IC:--Courtyard, St Mary's Cathederal--

The feast was going down fast. The new bleeding technique that doesnt require killing the humans was working a treat. The wampir gorged on the blood. A, AB, O it was all served. They only had a few hours to get home and get to bed before the next stage of the festival was to begin.

OOC: *Shudders* nicely written, though.


ooc: Remind me not to get on their bad sides.

OOC:You're not Vampire people so we wont sacrifice you to these gods :D

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