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Mostly Harmful Alliance - Official Announcement


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Declaration of Existence


Mostly Harmful Alliance would like to start out the new round with a greeting and some information on our new path for the next TWO months. We're looking forward to playing alongside the TE alliances once again. Here is our charter and what's going on in MHA for the new round:





Mostly Harmful Alliance was founded back in round two. It was a very small alliance during that round. Poorbeagle and Andrew III started to turn that ship around. By the end of round two, Harmful had grown into the second largest alliance. In round three, MHA would go through several changes, first was the transition of power during time of war from Poorbeagle to Thaisport. Second was the continued growth, and lastly surviving the final alliance wars. During the final month, Thaisport made the decision to rebuild Harmful from the ground up. With a month remaining in the round, he started recruiting his new team and started work on a new site for the alliance. Straying away from the common ideals of the traditional CNte governments, he has decided to bring in real world business practices into the alliance. The structure is no longer a government, rather a non-profit corporate organization with a full management structure.

Today, Thaisport and his team are ready to face the new challenges that await the alliance in round four and beyond. On February 26th, 2009 Harmful is again reborn in a new round.

Our Mission Statement

Here at Mostly Harmful Alliance, we help to build our members and our alliance to realize their fullest potential. This is our mission. Everything we do reflects this mission and our values that make it possible.

Our Values

Honesty and Integrity. Passion for members, our alliance, and its growth and development. Taking on big challenges and seeing them through. Constructive self-criticism, self-improvement, and personal excellence. Accountability to members, alliance, allies for commitments, results, and quality. Having FUN!!!

Our Goals

Encourage increase participation in alliance activities

Encourage members to help each other

Develop a solid game management structure

Develop and Maintain a solid level of respect and integrity amongst all CNte alliances

Set new standards in the efficiency and effectiveness of our operation

Keep our member aware of all important events in CNte


Mostly Harmful Alliance is managed by the Executive Director with the Executive Board members holding key management positions.

The Board of Directors

The Board of directors will consist of all directors in the organization along with two non management board members. The board members will act as an advisory board to the Executive Director. Directors will meet on every one to two weeks to discuss the status of the organization, future outlook, and review all projects to ensure completion within assigned deadlines. Directors will also be divided into sub committees. Those committees are:

Security Subcommittee

The Security Director will work with the Human Resources Director and Communications Director to ensure the best possible security measure for the alliance.

Foreign Relations Subcommittee

The Foreign Relations Director will work with the Public Relations Manager and Military Planning Director to ensure that the alliance is in good standing with other alliances.

Executive Committee

The Executive Director and Associate Executive Director along with the Economic Director and other non-management board members will work to ensure that the other committees are working in the best interest of the alliance.


Membership application can be submitted by the interested party on our forum. Membership is open to anyone interested in joining the alliance. Members cannot hold membership in other CNte alliances. All members will be held to the code of conduct and expected to abide by rules set forth by the management team in the members handbook.

Officers Positions and Responsibilities

Executive Director

The Executive Director is responsible for guiding the alliance in keeping with the goals and mission statement. Duties include, conducting meetings and following up with directors to ensure each department is operating at its maximum potential.

Associate Executive Director

The Associate Executive Director will provide support to the Executive Director as needed. Other responsibilities include the day to day operations management and close interaction with department heads.

Human Resources Director

The Human Resources Director is responsible for working with members and providing gaming guidance. Over sees new membership entry into the alliance, job listings, and interviews

Foreign Relations Director

The Foreign Relations Director is responsible for maintaining relations with other alliances. The duties include developing strong ties with other alliances and reporting back to the team with foreign relations news.

Military Planning Director

The Military Planning Director is responsible for ensuring that our alliance is prepared for wars and guiding the alliance through conflicts. The director will ensure that the alliance is ready for wars at all time and provide reports on combat readiness and development.

Communications Director

The Communications Director is responsible for maintaining the IRC, in-game PM, website, and other means of communications. He will ensure that these systems of communication are operational. He will also work with the HR and Security Directors to help maintain an accurate count of members on the forums and in the game to ensure consistency and integrity of the alliance.

Associate Communications Director:

Assisting the Communications Director with all tasks and can take over when the Communications Director is away or unavailable and assist the communications director as needed. The Associate Communications Director will focus primarily on in-game communications.

Public Relations Director

The Public relations Director is responsible for representing our alliance in the public forums. The duties include ensuring that the alliance is in good standing in the eyes of the public, providing members with important public news and information, and is considered the spokesperson for the alliance in the public arena.

Economic Director

The Economic Director is responsible guiding members in nation development. Duties include helping alliance members establish trade rings, providing guidance to alliance members on how to best develop their nation, alliance development analysis.

Security Director

The Security Director is responsible for ensuring the safety and security of our alliance from within. Primary focus is to protect against rogues. The director will work with the communications director and human resources director ensure security is always paramount.

Current Officers

Executive Director: Thaisport

Executive Associate Director: Sethly

Human Resources Director: Mr Action Man

Foreign Relations Director: Supremacy

Director of Military Affairs: Steve Pre

Communications Director: Lithium

Associate Communications Director: American Idle

Public Relations Director: FreedomvilleAT

Economic Director: Galder

Security Director: BrianBlessedIsGod

For additional information please submit your question and/or comments to info@mostlyharmfulalliance.org or look for any management member on our public IRC channel located at irc.coldfront.net #mostlyharmfulalliance

The team at MHA has changed as well. We all have come together to follow through with our mission statement and work together to achieve greatness for yet another round. Our eyes are not set on our ranks and how much infra we have but on how much fun we're having building our alliance and playing the game how it should be played.

Our Solid Core

An Introduction To The Leaders:

Executive Director: Thaisport (Alliance leader)

Former TE Alliances: None

Started TE: Middle End of Round 2

Started CN:s: Middle of May 2008

What Lead You To MHA: Pure Chance

Goals This Round: To develop Harmful into an efficient and effective alliance which fosters growth and development, builds friendships, and encourages participation of new and veteran players alike.

Executive Associate Director: Sethly (2nd in command)

Former TE Alliances: Sparta, Warlordz, NAAW

Started TE: End of Round 1

Started CN:s: May, 2008

What Lead You To MHA: MHA and NAAW were close allies, and talking with Thaisport made me realize this was the place to be for Round 4

Goals This Round: To have a strong, tightly-woven group of players that are made better from taking part in this alliance.

Human Resources Director: Mr Action Man

Former TE Alliances: Mostly Harmful Alliance (Rounds 2 and 3)

Started TE: Round 2

Started CN:s: September 2008

What Lead You To MHA: Biggest Aqua Alliance

Goals This Round: To do my best for Harmful and serve our members well

Foreign Relations Director: Supremacy

Former TE Alliances: Mostly Harmful Alliance (Rounds 2-3)

Started TE: Round 2

Started CN:s: 124 days ago (from Ferbruary 23)

What Lead You To MHA: One of those spamed invite messages Roflol :P

Goals This Round: Establish good relationships with other alliances and mainly have a good time doin' it ;)

War and Strategic Planning Director: Steve Pre

Former TE Alliances: none

Started TE: round 3

Started CN:s: last august

What Lead You To MHA: Mr Action Man

Goals This Round: ultimate win?

Communications Director: Lithium

Former TE Alliances: TPA, MHA

Started TE: November 2008 (Round 3)

Started CN:s: December 2006

What Lead You To MHA: The alliance was well managed and had great membership cohesion.

Goals This Round: My peak rank last round was #2... so this round I am aiming for #1!!!

Associate Communications Director: American Idle

Former TE Alliances: None

Started TE: October 2008, the middle of round 2

Started CN:s: August 2008, retired soon after discovering TE was much more fun

What Lead You To MHA: My SE alliance was Mostly Harmless Alliance, and its like, Mostly HARMFUL Alliance... Basically it was pure coincidence

Goals This Round: #1 BABY!!! I want to help MHA retain their position at the top of the alliance rankings.

Public Relations Director: FreedomvilleAT

Former TE Alliances: NAAC, NAAW

Started TE End of Round 1

Started CN:s: About 3 years ago

What Lead You To MHA: I left NAAW as leader because I felt that I could do no more to help NAAW..so now as we're heading into round 4 i'm taking a new direction and joining an alliance I always respected, MHA.

Goals This Round: To help MHA achieve its goals.

Economic Director: Galder

Former TE Alliances: MHA

Started TE:

Started CN:s:

What Lead You To MHA: I was an active MHA member in round 3.

Goals This Round: To guide members in nation development and help them maximize their potential.

Security Director: BrianBlessedIsGod

Former TE Alliances: Warlordz, NAAW

Started TE: Start of Round 3

Started CN:s: A while ago

What Lead You To MHA: MHA and NAAW were close allies, and talking with Sethly made me realize I could get an awesome job :P

Goals This Round: To kick rogue and ghost arse

Forum Link:


IRC Channel: #MostlyHarmfulAlliance

Members can register on the boards as of today for the new round.

Author of the DoE:


Public Relations Manager

Mostly Harmful Alliance

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I look forward to more fun and less treaties and more 1v1 stomping ;)..

After getting stomped by GDA a few times and still coming in 50th and 14th highest in tech ... I think I exceded my expectations :)

oo/ blowing up stuff again :D

OOOOOPS.. forgot to say Have fun again MHA :)

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