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TOH-ARES Treaty Upgrade

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[19:17] <PattonsDog> While we spent quite a bit of time working on this treaty, the most time was actually spent deciding what to write for the intro. We came up with some hilarious one-liners... most of which we can't post here.

01[19:17] <Lenard|TOH> lol

[19:17] <PattonsDog> But trust me, they were funny.


The Order of Halsa (TOH) and The Ascended Republic of Elite States (ARES) as the signatory alliances of this treaty, in the hopes of future friendship and cooperation, do hereby sign this treaty in good faith.

Article One: Respect

Section One: Both signatory alliances will respect the other, whether it be in public or in private.

Article Two: Sovereignty

Section One: The signatory alliances agree that they will, in no way, attempt to compromise the other's sovereignty.

Article Three: Non Aggression

Section One: The signatory alliances agree that no sanctioned agression will occur between them. Aggression includes, but is not limited to, declarations of war, spying, and other actions intended to inflict harm upon the other signatory alliance.

Section Two: In the event of unsanctioned conflict occuring between the signatory alliances, they agree to promptly handle all issues in private channels.

Section Three: If the offender of Section Two does not cease agression within 72 hours of the meeting in private channels, the offender will be deemed a rouge and delt with accordingly.

Article Four: Intelligence and Aid

Section One: In the event that either signatory alliance requests aid from the other, be it military or financially, the other is encouraged to promptly furfill said request.

Section Two: Both signatory alliances are encouraged to share useful information with each other.

Article Five: Mutual Defense

Section One: In the event that one of the signatory alliances is the victim of unprovoked aggression from an outside force, be it nation or alliance, the other is bound to help to the full extent possible.

Article Six: Optional Aggression

Section One: If either signatory chooses to wage a war where they are the aggressor, they are encouraged to request assistance from the other signatory if necessary. The assistance can be political, financial, or military, but may also include aid in any other form.

Section Two: Should either party choose to engage in an offensive war, they are obligated to give the other party at least 48 hours notice.

Article Seven: Termination

Section One: Both signatories agree it would be totally uncool to terminate this treaty.

Section Two: In the event that either signatory sees it fit to terminate this treaty, they will notify the other within 72 hours of the termination.

Section Three: Articles One, Three, and Five will remain in effect during the 72 hour termination period.

Signed for ARES,

Joe Stupid-President

Pattonsdog- Director of Internal Affairs

Barix- Director of Foreign Affairs

Kresden- Director of Defense

NoName- Director of Recruitment

v0.0v- Director of Finance

Signed for TOH,

High Magistrate: Lenard

Vice Magistrate: General Sonlar

Minister of External Affairs: Cosmo777

Minister of Defense: Legend

Minister of Finance: Rarunner

Minister of Admissions: Assyra

[19:19] <PattonsDog> I will just end on saying how much of a pleasure it has been to work with Halsa on this treaty, and we look forward to a long and fruitful friendship.

We feel the same way, ARES :wub:

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