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[CNRP] Neo Franzharia grants Independence to European Territories


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As what remains of Neo Franzharia begins to dissolve into Anarchy, and with the numbers of citizens fleeing to Zambia and the old Islands in recognition of the words of Doyen Agobe, King Elijah has spent much of the night conversing with a number of authorities to make sure the transition is smooth and that stability returns to the area as soon as possible.

"I trust that Molakia, ADI, and Mariehamm will be able to do what I ultimately failed to accomplish by bringing unity, stability, and peace to war-torn Scandinavia. I will join my father and Larsa in exile in Australia for the time being.

For those who fled to Africa, I wish you the best of luck."

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it is sad that Franzharia dissolved into chaos once more. However, any and all Franzharians will be welcome in Australia, or at least our part of it, for as long as they wish.

Byzantium seconds this, although refugees will have to be screened upon entry for any illnesses related to radiation.

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Will these new states need help with the nuclear fallout? (OOC: http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?showtopic=49560)

The Mariehamm Arms Company will donate 4 billion to the program.

Because of their statements, the Molakian boarder is now closed and business shall not be done with them. "A shame for them really, we are going to release a new product soon." Commented CEO Neit S. Rebeu.

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