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[CNRP] A defection by any other name...

Imperator Azenquor

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***Underneath Vaule’s subways***


-Subway map (excluding secret tunnels)

The Construction of the Vaule subway upgrades (and the classified tunnels) in the capital, had been completed ahead of schedule due to the conscription of nearly 12,000 prisoners from all across Vaule. The prisoners, who were promised their freedom for participating, had gathered in a special room built underneath the subway.

Soldiers from the SWoRD division entered the room, led by Xenia Onatopp.


-Xenia Onatopp

“Gentlemen, your service to the nation of Vaule will never be forgotten. You have helped to build a shelter to bolster the defense of Vaule in the event of war…”-Xenia

As Xenia spoke, unnoticed by the prisoners, guards were moving into position on the surrounding balconies of the large room.

“…should it occur. Now, as you have been promised, none of you will be returning to prison!”-Xenia

The prisoners cheered, and some shouted “Freedom!”.

Xenia smiled then replied: “However none of you will be leaving here.”-Xenia

Suddenly the guards fired on the prisoners from the balconies. As the chaos ended, the guards began to clean up the mess; unknown to them two soldiers had seen everything and hurried out of the room unnoticed.

***After the execution of the prisoners***

Major General Mikhail Valen, a decorated officer in the Vaule Air Force, arrived at his small apartment on the Arcannez Air Base. His wife Natalya Valen sat in the living room waiting for his return. Noticing the stunned look on his face, his wife asked:

“Misha, what happened?”-Natalya

“10,000…They killed 10,000 of them”-Mikhail

“Of who?”-Natalya

“Prisoners. They were tricked into working for SWoRD to construct some facility… They were promised freedom, instead they killed them. They killed them all!”-Mikhail

“Who killed them Misha?”-Natalya

“Vache, and SWoRD. Yuri was with them”-Misha

Shocked Natalya replied:

“Your brother? Yuri? Did he survive?”-Natalya

“No…they killed him too.”-Misha

“We need to do something Misha!”-Natalya

“I’ve already reported the incident to the General”-Misha


“His hands are tied, the orders came from SWoRD. There isn’t anything they can do.”-Misha

“I don’t believe it! The entire military is SPINELESS! Everyone is so afraid to question SWoRD or Vache, so they sit like obedient dogs and obey her every command!”-Natalya.

Mikhail, still seething with anger, poured himself a glass of vodka then sat beside his wife. Suddenly Mikhail jumped to his feet and ran to the portrait of his father hanging on the nearby wall. As he ripped the portrait from the wall, and tore the top corner, he found a small bug.

The color drained from Natalya’s face as she realized that everything they had said was heard by SWoRD. Mikhail threw the small microphone to the ground and crushed it under his boot.

“We need to leave Vaule, Natalya. Start packing”-Misha

As she hurried to gather some of her belongings, she spoke:

“Misha, we can’t both just disappear. You’ve got to report in tomorrow morning or they’ll know something is up”-Natalya

“We could make it to the border.”-Misha

“Not this late. Border patrols would be heightened, especially with SWoRD in the area.”-Natalya

Mikhail thought for a few minutes then hatched a plan.

“We’ll go separately. You just need to pretend to take a vacation and head to my parents in Novaya-Ulanbataar. Once you’re there, it’s a short bus ride to the border.”-Misha

“What about you?”-Natalya

“I’ll report in for duty tomorrow morning then head out at noon.”-Misha

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***Next morning 5:30am***

Misha put on his uniform, and walked out of his house to report in with VAF Command. As he and another officer refueled a MiG-29 sitting on the base’s third runway, he noticed unusual activity near the entrance of the base.

The Guard on duty at the entrance was talking to five or six blue uniformed soldiers. Misha instantly recognized one of the soldiers as Lady Vache. Before he could react, he noticed Lady Vache walking towards his house flanked by the other guards.

Reacting on adrenaline alone, Misha jumped into the $@pit of the MiG-29 and prepared to take off. He quickly sent his wife a text message:

“Nat. Get out NOW!!!”

***Inside the Valen Residence***

Hearing a knock at the door, Natalya hurried to answer it. She opened the door just enough to come face to face with Lady Vache. Immediately Natalya threw her weight against the door and tried to push it closed, but Lady Vache acted quickly and kicked Natalya through the opening in the door. As Natalya doubled over in pain, Lady Vache opened the door and entered the house.

“Aren’t you going to invite me in?”-Vache


Without wasting time, Vache asked:

“Tell me, where is your charming husband?”-Vache

Natalya spit at Vache and replied:

“Go to hell”-Natalya

As Lady Vache noticed the suitcases nearby and the remnants of the bug planted behind the portrait, she turned to face Natalya and replied:

“Oooooooooh. Misha’s been a bad, bad boy”-Vache

“I will tell you nothing. Get out of my house!”-Natalya

In a single quick movement, Lady Vache drew her pistol and aimed it at Natalya:

“Be careful, you might be seeing God a lot sooner than you think”-Vache

As Natalya stared defiantly up at Lady Vache waiting for the end to come, she heard a feint humming noise.

“What the?”-Vache

Suddenly, the sound got louder and it became clear that it was an aircraft taking off from the nearby runway.

Waving to two of the guards nearby, Vache ordered:

“Hold her until I get back”

As Vache and two other SWoRD operatives hurried onto the runway, they could only watch as the MiG-29 disappeared over the horizon. Vache then noticed three MiG-29s in a nearby hangar.

“Commandeer those MiGs immediately”-Vache

Less than five minutes later the three MiGs were airborne and hot on the trail of the fleeing Valen. SWoRD radar stations were notified and ordered to continuously relay their targets position.

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-MiG 29 piloted by General Valen

As the Mikhail flew south east, towards Outer Mongolia, with the three other MiGs in hot pursuit, Radar stations across Vaule picked up, and started tracking the MiGs.


-Pursuing MiGs

When the military contacted SWoRD HQ, they were told that the four MiGs were carrying out a ‘special military exercise’ and should be left alone.

***The Sky over Arcannez Province***

Mikhail, realizing that he is being tailed by three other MiGs, suddenly changes course toward the South and arms the MiG 29s Air-to-air missiles. Vache’s voice echoes over the radio:

“I have to admit General Valen, I am enjoying this game of cat and mouse. Let’s see what you’re made of”-Vache


-Lady Vache

Vache gave a signal to the two other MiG 29s flying next to her, and they broke formation and accelerated forward gaining on Valen’s MiG.

Suddenly Valen decelerated, surprising two of the chasing MiGs. As the pilots attempted to get a lock on Valen’s aircraft, Valen executed a Herbst Maneuver, catching the pursuing pilots by surprise. Before the pilots could respond, Valen quickly downed one of the MiGs.

The second MiG quickly banked left and dropped altitude in an attempt to move out of Valen’s targeting range. As Valen moved to follow him, Vache pulled back and decreased her altitude to attempt to attack her adversary from behind. As the three MiGs each dropped altitude, Valen suddenly broke off his attack, leveled off and executed a Split S.

The MiG continued to drop altitude, as its pilot frantically attempted to regain height. Suddenly the MiG lost control and crashed into the ground, exploding into a massive fireball. Valen evaded Vache’s MiG and continued on his course South.

Lady Vache executed a Split S, and resumed tailing Valen’s MiG.

“My, my…It seems you’re reputation is well deserved. However you underestimate me.”-Vache

The two MiGs continued the chase across the skies of Vaule. General Valen broadcast a message on all frequencies to the Northern Empire, the United Francoist Empire, Slavorussia and Tyranar.

“This is General Mikhail Valen of the Vaule Air Force. I am currently being pursued by two MiG fighter jets belonging to Vaule’s secret service. I hereby request amnesty, and permission to enter your nation’s airspace. I am willing to part with important highly sensitive information in exchange for the amnesty”-Valen

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OOC: FYI the sino-fighter is stealth, if that effects your aerial actions at all.

A pair of sino-fighters were screaming towards the location on an intercept course.

"General, please proceed to an intercept course with two of our fighters, you will know when they show up, once they are escorting yo drop below radar and follow them to one of our bases." the voice said after some pause over the radio.

"Send word to Chongqing, inform the Premier he may need to have a meeting soon with the interim ambassador from Vaule soon." the general said once he had hung up on the pilot.

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Valen adjusted his course to head for the UFE. As he flew over Outer Mongolia his mind wondered again to his wife Natalya. Did she escape? Did she make it to Outer Mongolia? Was she waiting for him in the UFE? He held onto hope, and accelerated across the horizon.

***The persuing MiG***

The remaining MiG continued to chase Valen, however Lady Vache deliberately kept some distance between them.

“You’re out of missiles now Misha. It seems you stole the plane before its armaments were replaced.”-Vache

“…I see you still have two missiles left”-Valen


“Yet you haven’t used them yet”-Valen

“Why bring a missile to a gun-fight?”-Vache

Suddenly Valen slowed and performed a half loop and attempted to target the remaining MiG. Expecting the maneuver, Vache accelerated rapidly then dropped altitude. Realizing that Valen would win if the battle was a prolonged one, Vache decided to take advantage of Valen’s weakness and use it to destroy him.

“Don’t you want to hear what your wife said?”-Vache


“She said some rather amusing things before I put a bullet between her eyes”-Vache

“You bast…”-Valen

As Valen suddenly turned to attack Vache’s MiG from behind, Vache swung left and reduced speed allowing Valen’s MiG to overshoot. Immediately Valen realized that he made a fatal mistake.

As Vache lined up the target, Valen began to pray:

“Dear God. I beg you, please protect my wife and keep her from harm in the name of the Father, the Son and…”-Valen


Vache fired the MiG’s 30 mm cannon, and smiled as Valen’s MiG exploded in a large fireball. She then received a message from command:

“You’re about ½ a mile to the border with UFE. Someone on their side probably saw the explosion. Get to the nearest residential area and destroy the MiG immediately.”-???

“Understood Director”-Vache

Vache changed course and flew towards Lake Baikal, deciding that the lake would be the perfect place to get rid of the MiG.

***30 mins later***

As soon as Lake Baikal was in view, Vache adjusted her course to take her as close to the lake as possible, before she ejected.

***Listvyanka, shores of Lake Baikal***

It was a calm day in the Listvyanka marketplace as merchants went about selling their wares. Suddenly the calm was disturbed by the sound of something crashing into Lake Baikal. As a small crowd gathered to determine the cause of the disturbance, Lady Vache parachuted down onto the shore of the lake.

Noticing the shocked glances of the residence, she just replied:

“What!? Have you never seen a woman before?”-Vache

As she walked through the crowd, she noticed a local fisherman staring intently at her with his mouth wide open in amazement. She walked over to the man and replied:

“Close your mouth, or I will close it for you. And I will make sure that you can never open it again.”-Vache

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