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Aquisition of England

Mergerberger II

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8:22 PM

The General checked his watch. He looked at the gathering army behind him. "Four hundred thousand," he thought to himself, "I do believe that this will be enough to conquer that which lies beyond the borders." Tanks, planes, soldiers, and other vehicles all gathered at the Camp of Cardiff, the mobilization point for the invasion of England. From here, the Army would roll straight into England, dividing into every which direction to conquer the country. Reconnaisance missions had shown that there was little life in the area, and none capable of resistance, however the General Gwynedd did not want to take any chances. He knew how the other creatures of this Earth were. They were very different. Rumour had reached his ears of a being crawling out of the murky deeps of a distant sea onto land, and establishing its empire on a group of tiny islands in a great northern sea.

The Army wasn't nervous, he could tell, they were laughing, not really concentrating on the mission ahead. He knew that he would have to give them a bit of a talk to get some energy and nationalism flowing through them. He knew that that was the only way that these people would be ready for whatever lurked beyond the horizon, whether it was some sort of human like themselves, or some other creature. He climbed atop a truck, picked up a microphone from inside the truck. It has megaphones all over it. He began to speak. "Good evening." No one turned. "Good evening," he said a little louder this time. All army men within earshot turned to look at him.

"Today we see the true beginning of something great, something amazing. For the last few years, the Welsh Empire has existed peacefully in our little country here, the known world's colony of humans living in harmony with one another, still wary all the time of the outside world. The truth is that we do not know what lurks beyond that horizon, but what we do know is that it damn well would do better in the hands of man than in the hands of some bug-eyed beast who just slithered out of a hole in the ground. Today we begin the fight for this island of Britain, a fight that will go on for God knows how long. No one knows what lurks beyond the horizon over there, it could be squirrels, or it could be Giants, hungry for your bones and your eyes. But I'll tell you right now what we do know. We know that we are a damn well more advanced people, and we sure as hell aren't afraid of nothing that is over there. You know how I know? Because we're men, God dammit. We are mankind, and we have the greatest armies the known world could ever dream of! Seven hundred thousand soldiers, seventy-five hundred tanks! Forty ships! And a thousand aircraft! We are unstoppable, and no creature from the biggest flame-demon to the tiniest rodent is going to stop this army!"

The men cheered. They manned their vehicles, and the general sounded the charge. He blew the ancient war horn of Gwynedd, and they floored it. The army traveled at blazing speed eastward into the Country of England from the Camp of Cardiff, roaring and cheering with Welsh nationalism. They shouted in a great chant, "Cymru am byth!", "Wales Forever!"

But upon arriving in England, they found the country deserted. There was nothing here, just a few abandoned cities and some wildlife in the countryside. The army spread from Plymouth to Liverpool to York to London, and still nothing. The army planted the Welsh Colours in every city on the tallest building, Y Ddraig Goch flying high over the country of England. No men were killed in the expedition, and less than forty-eight hours after it had started, it was over. The Country of England was in Welsh hands.

A couple of armies traveling together came across the city marked 'London'. It was completely abandoned, however there was infrastructure in the city that made it look like whatever population had existed there had just left fifteen minutes before. It looked like Cardiff, they noted, but larger, over 20 times the size of their capital. They sent word back to Cardiff. Infrastructure was completely intact, everything from phone lines to roads to sewers looked like they had been just abandoned within the last week. But it was silent. The Welsh would have to decide what to do with the city...

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ooc: I can't wait to see what happens when he and Mykep run into each other, lol.

OOC: What about Uberstein, though? Did he give up on the Musculators? His starting point was London, remember...

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