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An Invitation to Republic of India

Sir Keshav IV

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A radio message is sent out to the world:

To the leaders of the world, I am President Tommy Lee of the Republic of India. Republic of India is celebrating its 10th year of existing and invites you all to the annual independence ball at New Delhi from the 23rd of February till 25th. We are also willing to have contacts with the foreign world as we have had enough isolation. Please do come and visit.


Tommy Lee Jones.

Radio Transmission ends.

OOC: I just celebrated one year in CN ^_^

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British Ambassador Henry Dubois has been commissioned to the Republic of India. He will stay in a hotel in New Delhi until the British Embassy is constructed therein. We assume transportation can be provided when necessary?

Additionally, he plans to attend the ball.

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Imperial Regent Michael Devereaux and Minister of Foreign Affairs Thomas Alexander (as well as accompanying security details) of the Imperium are interested in attending the function.

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