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Another day at Ground Zero


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Location: Underground Nuclear Bunker; Tehran, Rebel Army

Time: A day or two after the nuclear hit.

Uberstein was awoken by his alarm clock, this time he hit it off the nightstand when he tried to turn it off. "I really ought to let myself sleep in one of these days..." He said to himself as he got up. After a shower and shave, he took the short walk to the pantry, which was a large underground warehouse full of enough bland food for 50 people for 50 years, an ironic twist to the fact that he was alone.

He sat down at the table, and opened a ration box. A computerized voice gave a cheery good morning, and poured him a cup of coffee, reheated from the last morning. "Morning Alfred, anything new since yesterday?" Uberstein asked the damaged AI, turning his chair towards the nearby TV.

"Prussia attempted to create peace in Europe with German Unification, nuclear attacks continue. Would you like to know more?" Replied a monotone voice.

"I think i'll just look at what the TV says, I wonder if there are any of those comedy shows still around? I was starting to like that newfangled show..what was it again?"

"The Honeymooners sir, and it is actually no longer made, you have been watching reruns for the last month."

Uberstein shrugged, and reached for the remote.

To be Continued...

OOC: Remember that bunker I built AGES ago? When Persia was a separate country and Tehran got nuked several times? Uberstein had a facility built there to study radiation, and it was a nuclear proof bunker. He's been living there for awhile now. Don't expect anything except some light humor from Uberstein, this is for people's entertainment, and it's simply fun to write.

The AI is the one I got from that underwater city, feel free to recognize it or not, it was built by Russany, not Ubersteinia, and Russany was strong. Not like it can do anything major besides make coffee, check the news, and play chess. :P

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Uberstein turned off the TV, "Alfred, I have a feeling that I need to spice up my life. I've done the same thing every day for the last few months, and I need to try something crazy...something new! What room did I leave the drawing board?"

"You do not own a drawing board sir."

"That would explain the lack of drawings lately. Very well, I'll just have to improvise. I'll be in my study."

Uberstein walked out of the kitchen.

Hours later, in the study, "Alfred...I've got it! It's a crazy plan, instead of smoking a cigar at noon...I'll smoke a PIPE! Pretty wild, eh?"

"Yes sir."

"That, and instead of chess, we will play CHECKERS! This is truly exciting!"

OOC: What DO you do when in an underground bunker? lol.

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OOC: Read a book. I'd expect Uberstein would have plenty of books in his personal bunker. If he got to choose what he put in there, anyway.

OOC: He has read though his entire library already, he thought he would be able to order more. You have to remember that he's been living down there since he stepped down from power, and frankly he's gone a bit crazy. :P

Well, there are the scientific books, like stuff on quantum theory, but he fell asleep trying to read those, can't teach an old dog new tricks, lol.

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If Uberstein had been listening to frequency 103.9 he would have been aware of a kindred spirit.

While Uberstein was trapped underground Generalissimo was trapped on the surface, Generalissimo wandered the wasteland of St. Paul Island alone above the bunkers housing the remaining Procinctian population.

If Generalissimo were aware of Uberstein’s current plight the recommendation would have been to start an international radio station to preserve sanity, it’s done wonders for Generalissimo (minus the occasional third person reference or self narration).

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