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Prizes for Round 3


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Current Update:

We have dropped to 3rd in over all NS. It is actually one of the toughest fights I've been a total of 3 major wars.

* My first was end of round two. I was just a player with out any clue

* 2nd was MI war when I took over during time of war. I did well there

* 3rd was TPF war and I got killed, BG and his team hit me pretty good to kudos to him there

* Current War, I'm in 6 battles I have anarchy 3 nations and the other 3 attacking me are out of my league so I should be in anarchy today.

Kudos to GDA and RE for getting in on the action early on and CE from joining shortly after. I will say that I am very proud of MHA GDA and RE for fighting since the end of Jan non stop. FARK & MASH, especially mash have some of the CNte's top players. Small and powerful team. Together they already match the upper strength of MHA prior to this war. MHA's strength was also her weakness, a heavy division between her upper nations and lower nations. To most MHA's numbers seem pretty daunting but to those that study the game well, they saw the cracks.

Today, MHA's NS is lower than MASH and LE. The debate at the end of the last round will be the same of this round. MHA will mostly likely beat the odds and WIN this round but I believe that there are other prizes that need to be given out.

Best Managed Blitzers: In my opinion (this is why I'm not making a poll) I believe some of the best alliances are MASH, LE, and FARK. You guys are examples of how to run a mid sized alliance and do very well. I know FARK and MASH has solid CNs foundations to build from which helps. LE is another great example of such great teamwork.

Best Sportsmanship: RE, GDA are great example of great friends in THIS round. I do not take prior rounds in consideration nor will that carry over into next round. We have seen many wars for many reasons and regardless of who was involved and what ever the reason, many alliances this round were infra loving a lot and didn't help or came in late. RE and GDA were 2 that have helped MHA and other closely tied alliances without question.

Edit: I will also add LE this his group as well. As long as I've known them they especially their leader have always been about sportsmanship.

Game Changers: The following alliances have made their impact in CNte round 3 and changed how this round was played. They not only rallied people for/against them but made people think on how they should approach this round... MI with close runner ups being NAAW, TPF, MHA. People can say all they want about MI but they really help shape this round and how it was played for better or worse.

Impact People: All the leaders past and present in this round. There are too many to name but I fully understand how hard is it to run an alliance and I know you can can appreciate the difficulty. Many people don't realize that what you see on the forums is only a fraction of what we do. It is the leaders that help make people think and move in this game. I thank each of you for your hard work.

Top Alliance by CNte standards It will probably be MHA. It is both a blessing and a curse to lead the #1 sized and scoring alliance and former #1 Over all NS alliance. The fact that even in time of heavy losses our core group of players are still sticking together says a lot about heart. the 230 or so people of MHA has been about the average number of nations we've had while peeking at 260+. It's not easy communicate to that many people :) but it was well worth it and I am proud to say I'll be back again next round to run MHA once more.

Please don't flame or troll this post but I do welcome comments and additional awards people want to give out. Let's end this round on a positive note and have fun!


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You guys have been strong opponents, and I have been loving this war. IT was nice to see we were able to have GDA and RE jump in to aid their friends over in MHA when the war was looking a bit lopsided. This is a great way for this round to end and hope that no hard feelings are felt. I am one of the 1/4 in M*A*S*H who have fallen ill with anarchy, but have continued to fight on to make sure 4 of my 5 targets were placed in anarchy as well.

I would like to mention that you did leave Blackwater off of the list of nations part of the update blitz. They have been a friend of ours in CN:TE for a long time and were able to help us with the strong push we had at update. FARK, I honestly don't know how/when we decided to team up with you in this last war, but it sure was a good choice. I hope to see all of you back in the next round. LE, if you hadn't jumped in late to help us out, we may have had our tails handed to us, so I would like to thank you for that.

As for the standards, I am wondering if the Mods are planning to figure a new method to calculate alliance scores. It seems that the last couple of rounds have been won by alliances that we much weaker than other alliances, but they only topped the charts due to the shear number of members in the alliance. I am not trying to tear down what you have done with Mostly Harmful Alliance, I am just noticing that an alliance with 200 members averaging 5 NS a piece would beat out an alliance of 150 members at 4000NS a piece. Just doesn't quite seem right.

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Best Managed Blitzers: Without a doubt LE had the best blitzes this round. Partly due to the close knit nature of the alliance and high activity. 2nd place goes to fark, who also had great blitzes against LPP, MI and MHA.

Best Sportsmanship: I'd have to say MHA. I haven't seen any negative posts from any MHA member since the start of this war. It could have been a very nasty and bitter war, but I think both sides know that an end of round war is a good way to end things.

Game Changers: The formation of Judgment at the beginning of the round changed the feel of the round. That was the moment that defined the type of round we'd have, for better or worse.

Impact People:

I'll go with myself since I'm the leader of M*A*S*H in cn:te, and I organized a lot of things behind the scenes. I won't go into detail though :P

in terms of those who impacted the game in a more public manner, I'd go with BG, thaisport, and possibly Elborrador.

Top Alliance by CNte standards:As of now it's LE and Fark. I think M*A*S*H is up there, but we are pretty short on members. In terms of member dedication, I'd go with MHA because they haven't lost many members despite being in an extremely destructive war.

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I thought MI fought really well and deserve a good mention. MHA, RE, CE, Fark, Wolverines, & NAAW are great alliances. TPF & WAPA & MI can all handle a good fight and good alliances. LE a good bunch. Aztec are great friends. There are many more great alliances this round. I can't single out anyone too much because its not in my nature.

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It is good to see that CE gets some 'kuddos' as well. Sometimes we were a bit slow in reacting to wars, but our alliance had, especially last month, not much organisation. However, as soon as we noticed that our MDoAP were involved in a war, we jumped in. That caused some delay somethimes and gave us 'bone pickers' as a name.

Nevertheless that we were small and not very well organised, we picked our enemies with great care and made sure that they faced anarchy. We could not do much, but lots of little help can push wars into the favor of the many small alliances.

This is how i see it as a member of Crimson Empire.

It was an honour to fight at the side of MHA and GDA and all our other alliances we had MDoAP's with like FARK, who i am fighting now and eat nukles from :popcorn: and WAPA, Ubercon and Warlordz.

Just whistle, and we will put friends before infra!

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I also give kudos to MHA for their decision to hold back, "russian Front" fashion, absorb the attacks and bring in others to try and distract the offensive. It was a sophisticated way to keep some NS intact and hold on to the alliance's standing.

And although I am biased, I take me hat off to MASH leadership and the other rebel leaders for a stunning blitz. The king is still there, but the hill is much smaller! :)

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You know, I was pretty surprised to see how well TPF did in this war. I thought it would be a complete slaughter but instead, we held the fort and we aint dead yet! Kudos to MI and TUF for standing up against the "big man" and fighting along side us. Our members sure know how to fight :D

Also lolUW, UW is probably one of the worst fighters in all of TE. They have highly inflated NS's but they dont know how to fight with them.

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