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The Birmingham Accords


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In the spirit of mutual friendship, Kiristan and the Federal Republic of Henripolis, henceforth referered to as the FRH, agree to the following provisions:

Article I: Non-Aggression

Both nations agree not to commit hostile acts toward each other.

Article II. Free Trade

Both nations will allow the transport of commercial goods and resources across the border.

Article III. Land and Sea Transit

Both nations will allow the passage of ships and aircraft through the others territory.

Article IV: Military Assistance

i. The FRH will provide the military of Kiristan with 100 F-16 Block 50/52 fighter bombers and 100 M1A2 SEP tanks in good condition.

ii. In order to ensure the successful integration of equipment, the FRH will sent 300 military instructors to Kiristan.

iii. The FRH will share its naval technology and ship designs.

iv. In return, Kiristan will allow the FRH navy use of one of its naval bases.

Article V: Cancelation

Either party may cancel this treaty with 72 hours notice. [OOC: Real Time]

For the Federal Republic of Henripolis,

~President Varus

For Kiristan,


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