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Project Nuclear Cleanup

Maelstrom Vortex

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Project Nuclear Cleanup is under foot. 50 fafnir class weapons along with 10 selected strike zones per hot zone in the New Taiwan area have been sent to the UFE. The goal is to mount the fafnirs with 10 MIRV Neutron Bombs. They will be used to "sterilize" the infection zones of the black death created by the strike of Camberlain Terrorist forces on Taiwan. This will stop, at least, the biological side of the attack completely. The remainder of the attack, the chemical side, will then be far more easily cleaned up by the chemical clean up crews. Citizens in the area are already witnessing a 99.8% casualty rate and have been already counted for dead.. given their rights, told to make their peace...

The Dragon Empire sanctions a set of Neutron Bomb strikes on these 500 select co-ordinates.. *the co-ordinates are published in a list* as an emergency plague containment measure as project "Nuclear Cleanup".

We acknowledge that the creation of the bombs will take some time without the help of other powers. If any other power wishes to help contribute to this clean-up process, contact our offices with your pricing on neutron bomb warheads. The Warheads must beet satisfactory reviews by the UFE nuclear certification authorities before they will be purchased.

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