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Dragon Empire upgrades harbours.

Vasili Markov

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Today a massive construction effort will be put in place to increase the security of our harbours.

All Dragon Empire harbours will be given major improvements to berthing and cargo handling capabilities.

In addition Anti submarine nets will be placed at the mouths of all the harbours. All ships captains are advised to contact the harbour master before departing and arriving in the harbour so that the net can be opened to allow them passage.

Also Several Naval Fortresses will be constructed at key locations of the harbours to allow heavy artillery and AA guns & SAM missiles to provide full coverage of the area. This will ensure the security of our critical infrastructure such as dry docks & shipyards in the area.

A ground breaking ceremony for the first fort will be held later this week.


Sonar systems are also being installed to detect submarines trying to sneak in while the net is opened to allow normal shipping in.

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A Preliminary List of Ports to Be Protected is Below:

Visakhapatnam [Chola]

Kochi [Chola]

Kakinada [Chola]

Baleshwar [indoChina]

New Kolkata [indoChina]

Lae [Othello]

Jayapura [Othello]

Port Moresby [Othello]

Hobart [Dragonisia]

Gladstone[Neo Olympia]

Rockhampton [Neo Olympia]

Cairns [Neo Olympia]

Karumba [Neo Taiwanese Empire (construction currently suspended due to quarantine.]

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