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Foreign aid requests

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Hello I need a foreign aid worth $10,000,000 its very very urgent no joke! (I messed with the wrong nation and got seriously devastated)
Heres my link if you are going to give me aid

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Hi. I'm in need of a tech deal.  Preferably 6 million for 100 tech. Very reliable about paying my debts. Any help you could provide would be greatly appreciated. My nation name is Germainia ruled by Prussian.

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Hey is there any generous man or woman to help me? I just made fresh start, but I guess it is very difficult to develop without aid in the beginning of the game. 


I am Turan from Turkiye. I am Turkic nationalist, Tengrist, liberal democrat and secular. 


I have spent my 8-9 hours/day in front of the computer (unfortunately). 


I got my bachelor degree in US and now I am master degree student in my country. 


Also, it would be great to meet new friends here. I am really bored and maybe we can talk about politics, peoples, games, tv series, etc.


That's it.


Write me. ))))





BTW, that's my nation: http://www.cybernations.net/nation_drill_display.asp?Nation_ID=595755

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Nation link
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Hey guys,


I got into a war with the wrong person. Now that this war is over I have about 7k in currency left.


Yeah I'm the moron whos still getting used to this game. 


could someone give me Aid in the finance area? Whenever possible. I'll happily pay it back somehow later on and have a notepad open for people I owe.








Please and thank you!



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Hi everyone,

I'd like to request 3mil in aid, I'm about $750,000 short on my bills and I pretty much need to overhaul my improvements -_- newb mistakes, but I've found a guide to help, I just have no idea how to overcome this debt. Any suggestions on that would be greatly appreciated as well.



nation link:



Much thanks,


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Kinda need help here any amount of aid will do 

Gonna have to sink it into infrastructure according to the Cyber nation help page.

Apparently it grows the population.....wish I had read that before 

my link is 


thanks in advance

p.s please make it hidden I hear people wait till people get financial help and then attack.

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Hello all,


I'm a new nation struggling to grow, any help would be greatly appreciated!!!


Thank you all, my link is https://www.cybernations.net/nation_drill_display.asp?Nation_ID=621357


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