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Foreign aid requests

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Okay im going to be nice and ask when do you need the aid? Soon or late? I can help you but only in time if you can. I will be able to set you back to 3 million on the 29th of this month. Not later. I saw how many people were looking for aid and no one got it so I will be like the serpreme overload in lending money. I wont always be able to aid but I will see how many i can do over time. Thanks.

I will not be able to help anyone in big amounts untill I have payed back a loan in which I am taking. Once I get all out with donations, loans ...etc... I will post here again. The minimum time will be mid next month. :) Thanks.

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Okay. I will be able to loan one nation a month. The loan will be charged on, 8% interest rate. This will come into effect on the 19th of October, when I will have aid slots open and plenty money. If you are interested just pm me in game or my nation. :)

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need 8 mil, becuae Im 7mil in debt, and by the time you can aid me that'll increase

its a very dumb situation, I"ll post the IRC Log on where I explain what I did.

<ArGo|truhijo> ok so I havn't collected taxes in 10 days

<ArGo|truhijo> so I knew I wasn't going to collect

<ArGo|truhijo> so I went into peace mode

<Kuros[iMU]> Ok..

<ArGo|truhijo> fine

<ArGo|truhijo> ell in peace mode

<ArGo|truhijo> i lost two trades

<ArGo|truhijo> i got one back

<Kuros[iMU]> Ok..

<ArGo|truhijo> and that was the important one that got all my bonuses back

<ArGo|truhijo> well ont he forums I was reading how

<ArGo|truhijo> peace mode

<ArGo|truhijo> takes away happiness

<Kuros[iMU]> Yep

<ArGo|truhijo> and I was getting ansy becuase 10 days so far = -10

<ArGo|truhijo> so I was like screw it im going to collect

<ArGo|truhijo> and I did

<ArGo|truhijo> except when I went into peace mode

<ArGo|truhijo> i put hte teax rate at 10%

<ArGo|truhijo> for craps and giggles

<ArGo|truhijo> but I forgot

* ArGo|Bot sets mode: -v ArGo|truhijo

<ArGo|truhijo> to put it back to 28

<Kuros[iMU]> Oh dear god..

<ArGo|truhijo> before i collected

<ArGo|truhijo> and now

<ArGo|truhijo> im 7mil in the whole

<ArGo|truhijo> *hole

<ArGo|truhijo> I collectedt 3 mill

<ArGo|truhijo> and Im 7 mil

<ArGo|truhijo> in debt


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I am requesting 1 million in aid to help me reach 600 infra, though I will gladly take any amount. I am a small nation and I'd like to do more for my alliance without constantly asking them for aid. I appreciate the help greatly. Thank you


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i am in need of aid of amount 300k-400k as i am a growing nation and a nation that has been destroyed by unforseen wars , i hope someone would aid for me the amount of 300k-400k so that i can make my nation grow into a strong and peaceful nation . a as such in need for a high urgency and important help, thank you

p.s. aim on growing mainly my infrastructure

here is my nation link , please help my nation


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Giving away 3,000 troops!!! My nation is Israeli Land. No strings attached!!! 3,000 totally free troops. PM me soon in game if your interested


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Would someone please lend me 3 mil to help my nation get some positive momentum. I am a very active member and its driving me crazy how slow this process is at first. Just looking to buy infra, so that I can get the improvements I need to be more effecient. Thanks in advance. My link is....


Ps. Also selling small to large amounts of tech, pm me if interested

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