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Spies and Navy

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Ok so,

Last round I went for a Navy for something different, Once I'd acquired the neccesary infra, tech and land to buy Battleships, I got a Drydock and bought two.

Now, I could use them for Battle support, which seemed to help a little, but couldn't blockade as in TE you need to have 5 blockade capable vessels like in Standard.

I can't see anyone ever getting blockaded in TE if this remains the case.

I propose it be changed to 2 IMO, or at the very highest, 3 vessels needed to form a blockade in TE.



With the amount of land rolling around in TE, even if you buy several, you have low spy odds on your opponent as they have tons of land. Its not like Standard where you can accrue hundreds of spies to negate the land.

As such, even though the costs were halved from the original, Spies, and spy opps are still too expensive.

I propose the costs be halved again, so spies down to $25,000, and Spy op prices halved.

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I could not agree more on BOTH points.

Navy is totally useless in TE while spies and spy ops are grossly to expensive and handcuffed by the quantity of land and the ease of aquiring nukes.

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TE's timetable just makes the nukes aspect a total anchor to the round. Nukes should be much much harder to aquire so the round is conventional warfare for at least 80-90% of the round.

This would stop much of this chest beating "I'll nuke you if you respond to my tech raid" crap.

I understand the nukes in the long term aspect of regular CNs but it's ruining TE.

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But I have to agree with this suggestion. Ummm CNTE is like our training grounds and having spies and navies being able to be used would definitely be good training. Would be neat to see lower upkeep and lower prices for the navy vessels and lower requirements.

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