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Weapons Research Complex


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At first look, it seemed like I would happily sacrifice a little extra when I buy military to get a nice little bonus in damage.

But I just realized if I bought it, all my military would cost 50 times as much as it is now. So the 20 planes I bought the other day would cost me 50 million instead of 1 million.

I'm starting to think it's not worth it :mellow:

I knew it was too much, ok this can be locked or preferably deleted because I didn't read carefully

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I'm not sure how you're figuring the math. Currently buying level 9 aircraft costs a base of $50,000. You have 5181.91 tech. The WRC increases the purchase costs of all military by 0.01% per technology level or in your case by 51.8191%. That means the base cost of aircraft jumps from $50,000 to $75,909.55. No where near a fifty fold increase in the price.

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