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Aqua 3BR Circle


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Starting an aqua trade circle, since I finally have the time to do it, and I don't seem to fit into any of the other forming aqua ones on here.

Resource list:

Aluminum - agafaba

Cattle - C2Talon

Fish - Kch674

Iron -

Lumber -

Marble -

Pigs - C2Talon

Spices -

Sugar - Sal Paradise

Uranium - Kch674

Water - agafaba

Wheat - Sal Paradise

These will be the only resources accepted. Must be on aqua team or willing to move to aqua. Will provide aid for harbor if need be. If there are any questions, just ask.

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You sure can join. Added you as well.

Since we only need two more people now, I'll probably start fishing in game either tonight or in the morning. Of course if anyone has someone in mind, you can lead them here as well.

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That's fine. This isn't my first time organizing a trade circle, and I knew that having 5 people within the first 3 days of trying to put one together was unreal. These things usually take weeks, so yeah, we're still on track, heh.

Anyway, seems any potential Aluminum/Lumber is either declining or ignoring me right now anyway. Time to try other combinations.

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Yeah, I've sent a few myself. Even to ones in aqua alliances that I found weren't on aqua yet. Most either ignored the message or said they weren't interested. At least there's still a couple that are not yet read. *crosses fingers*

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