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Can't decom clinics?

Jack Shepard

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Okay... heres the improvement rundowns:

Hospital - $180,000.00 - Increases population count by 6%. Need 2 clinics for a hospital. Limit one hospital per nation. Nations must retain at least one hospital if that nation owns a Universal Health Care wonder.
Clinic - $50,000.00 - Increases population count by 2%. Purchasing 2 or more clinics allows you to purchase hospitals. This improvement may not be destroyed if it is supporting a hospital until the hospital is first destroyed.

So, by this I would assume that 2 Clinics support your hospital.

If you had a 3rd clinic, you should be able to destroy it, without destroying your hospital.

However, two people in my alliance with 3 clinics and a Hospital when they try and destroy the 3rd Clinic, has reported getting this message:

You have received an error trying to view a page. Here is the detailed error code: You cannot destroy clincis when you have a Hospital. Please destroy your Hospital before destroying your clincis.

IMO, you should only need to keep 2 Clinics on hand to support the Hospital, as this is the min requirement for buying it.

Also: Does this mean if you bought a 4th school you couldn't decom it without destroying a university? if so, consider me reporting that as a bug as well.

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You have to decom all clinics first.

Same with schools/universitites - if you have 5 schools and 1 university (for some strange reason :P) you have to decom the other university before decommishioning a school.

This is correct.

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