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Top 10 nations


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Top 10 Alliances [title error]

1) Mostly Harmful Alliance

2) National Alliance of Arctic Warlordz

3) Murder Inc.

4) Global Democratic Alliance


6) The Unrighteous Fist

7) Crimson Empire

8) Orange Juice

9) United White

10) Roman Empire

Strengths and Scores for top 3.

1) 287,639 - 16.98 (+)

2) 213,131 - 10.65 (+)

3) 210,678 - 26.71 (-)

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Oh Murder Inc is still number one? Uhhhhh Good Job Judgement?

The war has just started first of all. Second of all, this thread is not for trolling from MI and allies or judgment. It's simply a stats thread to keep us all up to date since the "display all alliances" page is just ranked on nation count. Please, no one post unless you have something worth reading.

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ZOMG I confused my self. I meant to say it paid off for Warlordz and NAAC. I think they'll be the strongest alliance after this war


In addition, I'm quite sure after this war many alliances will disband, reform, merge and be created. Simply look at the history of various other alliances. So I'm certain that the most prosperous alliance will not be involved with the war and may even be made up of various disbanded alliances from the war. In fact, I can almost promise it.

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? Alliances aren't ranked by nation number, they're ranked by score.

As for the stats. This'll be fun. I recommend you also post each day's new stats as a reply (and update OP). That way we'll see the evolution of the thing. Thanks.


But in order to have a high score, you need a lot of nations. That would explain why NAAW is bigger than everything in TUF but yet is still ranked under them.

Also, I will update it when I can.

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