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Strange game lag


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Don't know if anyone else experiences this but it's quite irritating to me.

When I log on and keep working the game switches between game links just fine.

But if I let the window rest for more that a minute then the load time dramatically increases.

By dramatically I mean a couple minutes.

But if I close the window, start a fresh window to CN and keep working then it goes back to swift load times. That is unless I let the window rest for more than a minute again.

It's not like the auto log out feature that requires you to log in again if you let the window rest for 10+15 minutes. This happens far faster and I'm still logged in if I restart a new window for CN.

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It's been going on for a couple weeks now. Figured it would pass soon enough, but it's being persistent. Cleaned my cache and cookies in that time too.

I'm not saying it's not my pc, but I've tried the usual suspects. I don't get lag elsewhere either.

Maybe if someone else chimes in with the same issue then it would be worth looking into. I made this thread to see if others were having the same issue as well.

If no one else mentions it any time soon then I'll chalk it up to being on my end.

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Well, this is something similar to what I am currently experiencing. Sometime, the CN pages load fine, but other times, it is really slow, or it freezes. There was one time I left my laptop running while loading a CN page for 4 hours. When I came back, it still said, "transferring data" and the progress bar was 0% full.

I have tried cleaning out the cookies, launched the hard drive cleanup, scanned for any computer infections, rebooted, and reinstalled Fire Fox 3, but nothing worked. This problem kept on going on ever since I first registered for CN.

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