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A GREAT Announcement

George the Great

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The GREAT Alliance is hereby announcing their activation of the cancellation clause in The Prometheus Project.

We wish the remaining members the best of luck.

Signed for GREAT

Jack the Great

George the Great

Rey the Great

Josh the Great

DW the Great

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Whenever I see the name GREAT I can only laugh. You should have seem some of the messages I got from one of your members.

At first they were kocky/n00bish but then he saw I didn't take TE very seriously and started joking around/was still n00bish-serious. Not sure how those two combine but that's the only way I could describe it. And no, he had no reason to be kocky, we both went 1/2 on GA and I hit him twice successfully with my airforce.

It was fun though.

Edit: I know I misspelled kocky but I had to get around the word filter, it's not really a bad word, especially not in the sense I'm using it.

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