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A Valid Casus Belli

King Death II

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A recent folly occurred within the walls of Bionic’s doom fortress. Bionic had ordered himself a throne made of skulls as an early Christmas present (labelled ‘to me, from me, for being the best me I know’). Unfortunately the poor fool who delivered it was around when Bionic discovered that the skulls were in fact plastic. Deputy warboss KD rushed in upon hearing the commotion to find bionic berating the delivery man, as “you can’t have a skull throne without real skulls”. He was subsequently dragged off to the dungeon to be forced to listen to the Cheeky Girls for the rest of his days.

KD tried to quickly appease by suggesting they use the giant catapult on some small animals, when suddenly Commander Condo rushed in.

“sir, we’ve discovered a colony of furries hiding under the banner of FAN” he announced.

Bionic’s eyes narrowed as somewhere within his retina a capillary burst through rage as he leant over to a nearby tannoy microphone.

“Gentlemen, prepare your flamethrowers. I’m getting me a throne”.

Tl;dr: Casus Belli declares war on the furries of FAN

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