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Murder shows some love


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TPF Gets Murdered

Article I. Mutual

This means both of us agree upon this.

Article II. Aggressive

This means that Murder Inc. and TPF will go to war against an enemy together.

Article III. Defense

If you mess with TPF, you're messing with Murder Inc, and vice versa. We will defend each other.

Article IV. Pact

Well, "pact" is synonymous to "treaty", which is what this is. A treaty.


Hormones74, Don of Murder Inc.

BurningGlory, Fire of TPF

RE and CE, this treaty is a warning to both of your alliances. Leave Murder's friends alone. You will be put on the chopping block if you don't leave our friends alone. This is the only warning you will recieve.

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This was always a given for both of us TPF and MI, but now its formal as both of our alliances have noticed that some alliances/ nations are trying to bring us down....reap havoc so to speak! Let it stand for the record that if you attack MI, you also fight us!


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