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no collection money


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Defcon ?

Threatcon ?

Labour Camps ?

Gorilla Camps ?


Lost Trade ?

Defcon 5

Threatcon low

Labour Camps no

Gorilla Camps no

Gov Capitalist

Lost Trade no

I collect taxes every 5 days, have done this the same way for 6 months.

Today is the first time I lost 30mill!

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You do have 5 Labour Camps, although you may have deleted and bought them again after you collected.

Yes I do that each time I collect, had to swap them today to collect.

I see now I'll get nothing from admin.

I should have known,guess this glitch just scr...... me.

I'm starting to not like this game.

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Hmm... That's really weird, is it possible you had too many or too few soldiers and got the happiness penalty from that? Are you 100% sure that you were 5 days inactive? If you just had a mega brain-fart and collected at only 1 day inactive that would completely explain it. If you want to test real quick do some math, take your total citizens number and multiply it by average income taxes you collect each day. See how that number matches up with what you got.

Otherwise it does look like a bug to m and I'm sure Admin will look into at, but you need to give him time because he is a very busy person.

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