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Hi, i realise this is similar to this question but im hoping for maybe a more detailed explanation.

In a week im going to university 300 miles away from my current home and will be staying in student halls (so i cant use my current IP). now i assume university have several IP addresses but im not sure how they will be devided throught the campus, is there any advice that can be given on how i could find out/has the CN team had such cases before that could maybe shed some light? p.s. if its any help im going to Sheffield uni in the UK if thats any help.

And one more qustion, does CN take the average ip or all the ips youve loged on at? As my nation is nearly 900 days old so im hoping that if i would be kind of set to this ip already...

I understand this question may not be possible to answer but thank you anyway.

After further browsing ive also found this thread that was kind of helpfull this one (referencing to anybody ells that comes in with this question)

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I'm afraid there is no detail in the answers to previous questions like this because no more can be given. We get this question a hundred times over, and the answer is always the same. The way multi's are detected is a little more complicated than 'ooops IP's match today they are gone' but you'll never be told exactly how multi's are detected, however that said entire school networks of kids have been deleted because they consistently shared the same IP and interacted with each other.

The best advice i can give is:

1) Log in as little as you can from shared networks, and log in from home as much as you can.

2) Never knowingly interact with someone at the same uni.

3) Accept there are no guarantees when using shared networks and hope for the best.

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Thank you for your response. I suspected there would be no clear answer so there's no problem and i understand no detail about the checks against IPs can be given so thanks again. Thank you for your advice, i will try and keep my activity on the network to a minimum.

Another question about my activity/maybe a way i could reduce my activity:

How long would be the maximum i could get somebody (with a nation of their own) to sit mine for? And would it be allowed to create a chain of sitters? Ill be away for 9 months sooo...its alot of activity that i want to try and reduce. I know there's a thread here somewhere for it but i cant find it right now, sorry.

Thanks again guys.

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Generally, I think you will be safe. I've been at school since I started my nation, have been to multiple dorms... and still am here. I wouldn't worry about a chain of nation sitters. Really, if you only play three months a year, would it be worth it? Best to take your chances and enjoy yourself.

I try to connect with a hard line always... Of course I've forgotten to turn off wireless from time to time, as well... anyway, still alive. You'll probably be fine if you only connect through an ethernet cord. Just don't connect all around campus, only your room.

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You can't have someone sit your nation for that long. Absolute maximum period for a sitter is 10 weeks, if you are going to be away longer than that we advise you to delete and start fresh when you come back.

However in your situation i would not advise getting a sitter. If perhaps you were going on holiday to a friends house who played CN and you wanted to access your nation i'd say yeah get your friend to sit you (although it'll still be you accessing). However in this case you are likely to be on this shared network for a long period of time, so a sitter is not suitable. Stick to the advice i gave you above, you should be fine.

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