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devil driver

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Well a day ago, I went to log onto my name and i accidently typed in the wrong username..i put in my nation name, instead of ruler name. It was a simple mistake. I was so confused and i just thought i was messing up the password or something so i just kept trying..then after i remembered i am supposed to use ruler name, it was too late..i had got permanently banned. Im pretty new to the game i barely know what is going on and i was jus getting the hang of things. Next thing i know, im banned..now i cant even play anymore. I jus really want to be unbanned. please. thanks.

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I don't see any account that has your account name on here or the nation name you have set on here.

Hmmm? I found it. http://cybernations.net/nation_drill_displ...ation_ID=162671

Unless you mean something else, then sorry for adding a useless comment.

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i cant try that because..this is all i get at all..

Cyber Nations, an online nation simulation game

You have been banned from Cyber Nations.

If you believe that this is in error you may attempt to login again.

If you have any questions please visit the official Cyber Nations forums and post any appeals there.

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this is for bug report stuff, not questions as it clearly can't be resolved without admin.

to be fair to the OP, this was originally in the question center and got moved here

edit: at least it appears so, I of course cannot be sure of this...

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