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Can somebody explain this please

Regent of Omerta

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I dismissed some soldier this morning just to lower my percentage and get my happiness back up a little. this is what my soldier count showed after I did this.

10,780 (15,368) Soldiers

why the number in parenthesis? and how many do I actually have? It has never done this before and I just want to make sure I'm not going to get hammered on my tank bill if I can help it yet still have plenty to make sure I don't go into anarchy.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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You have 10,780 troops. However they are as effective as 15,368. So say you had,

3,000 (4500) Soldiers

20,000 Working Citizens

You would not be under the 20% rule as while you have only 3K troops. They work like 4.5K troops.

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Here is the game update log. Hope this helps.



- Working on the soldier efficiency update. Next to your soldier number in-game you'll see your efficiency rating in parenthesis and your total population number may change. Do not be alarmed by these changes. This is all part of the coming update and will be described in more detail soon.


- The soldier efficiency update is almost complete. One change to note with this update is that a nation's total population is no longer based on soldier modifyers as it is now based off real soldier numbers. Because of this your total population numbers will decrease and your population per mile will decrease. Your working citizen numbers are not affected nor are your tax collections. Nations will pay less for soldier upkeep now as bills are based on real soliders and not efficiency numbers any longer. The last piece of the update is a new military purchase screen that will be released later today if all the changes made above work properly. Please report any bugs that you encounter in the bug report section of the forums.

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