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Blockade Occurred Below Land Range


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While determining whether I should decommission my navy after falling under the land limit, I read the About Navy section, where it says

Both attacking and defending nations must have at least 1,000 land in order for attacking nations to operate their navy against another nation (If a defending nation has less than 1,000 miles of land but still has navy vessels on hand then Naval Attack operations against it are allowed).

As written, with "Naval Attack operations" called out, the limit exception would seem to refer specifically to Naval Attack, as opposed to Blockades or Battle Support. Thus my reading is that once a nation falls below 1,000 land, it can not be the target of Blockades or Battle Support, even if it still has naval vessels.

However, despite being under 800 land, today I was the target of a Blockade, presumable because I have some non-blockade breaking vessels left.


Message: A naval blockade has been placed against your nation. This blockade will reduce your next tax collection by 5.00%. Together with any previous blockades your next tax collection will be reduced by a total of 5%. Any existing peace offers that were on the table have been automatically canceled.
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yes, the code is bugged.

Once a nation is below 1,000 land, only "navy vs navy" operations should be possible as long as it has an operating navy. BattleSupport and BlockadeOperations should be disabled because the coastline is simply too far away. You cannot blockade a nation sea-wise that has no access to the sea anyway.

Basically it leads to the scenario where defending and outnumbered nations cannot produce new defending ships to break blocades (because they have not enough land), but are suffering blockades and battle support ops every day.

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