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lf trade circle


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the last month i had a lot of trouble with getting full trades and now i had it

i only have 2 trades at the moment, but im going to get them away

im now looking for a trade circle to make sure that i wont get any trouble with trades anymore and get a good trade

my trades are furs and sugar, not the best ones, but i hope i can fit in somewhere

i am willing to change my teamcolour to any colour you want

please post also if you know an alliance thats busy with trade cirles

thank you

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best advise: think of the resource set you want to get, and pick the colour you're going to be on, and start spamming people - but do that very carefully. Approach people with the right resources and a crap current trade setup with a good story about your trade plan, and all the benefits they will get from it. It does not make any sense to PM people that already have a good setup (one of the known combos). They will not join you anyway so it's a waste of everybodies time, and your "hopes".

Then start to grow your group as more people come on board. The first 2 are usually easy since you don't need any specific combinations of resources, but once there are 3 or 4 of you, you need to start to watch the resources of the people you PM better, since choosing 1 person to join might rule out other options.

The last person to join is usually pretty easy again, since it is the easiest story to sell ("Hi, here are 5 ready made great trades for you, would you join us", usual answer: "yes please" ;-) )

The main problem I find with setting these up it the amount of effort it takes, but don't give up, it can be done, and it is worth it in the end. It is also important that the initial group is being kept up to date whilst your searching for the last members. You don't want to find member-6 only to find out that member 2 and 3 were fed up with waiting and started other trades in the meantime.

Edit: oh, and forget trying to keep a circle within a alliance. Although it sounds great it is almost impossible to find the right combination of resources in nations that don't already have a good setup (ie, the ones that might want to join you). Save yourself time and cast your net over your whole colour from the start, you will end up doing that anyway.

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