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Unusual registration problem/Name change request


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I had sent this to SOE in a PM originally, but it has been several days and I have not yet heard a response, so I figured I'd post it here.

Anyway, my original forum name was Crymson (which is my ruler name and nation name). I had registered that name with an email address to which the validation email was apparently not able to pass through. I know that the usual procedure for solving this is to simply change the email address in one's profile and have the validation email resent thereafter. However, I'd also managed to forget the password to my forum account. As such, I was not able to log into that account in order to alter the email address contained in the profile therein. Needless to say, the password-reset email could not get through to my inbox either.

As such, I discussed the matter with an op in #cybernations, who suggested that I create a new account and immediately PM a mod about my situation. How are such things usually handled? Would it be possible for my previous--still unactivated--account to be deleted, and for the name on this account to be changed to replace it?

Thanks for your time.

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