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Random nation appears in search

Yamin Auk Zafar

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Using the in-game search feature, I searched Alliance + Team as "none red" between the strength ranges of 0 and 250. The results returned held a Grey Team nation under the "Multicolored Cross-X Alliance" alliance affiliation (Compantino of Compantino).



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None will bring up "No Team" as well since it isn't called 'Grey' in-game and 'red' appears in Multicolored. Since you can't specify which word is the color and which the alliance, the game will sometimes use them in reverse like that.

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Please be more specific.

I think that part of it may have to do with how I search sometimes.

If you search for, say, "han fe" in the field without specifying anything, it gives any nation that has both han AND fe anywhere.

So nations with say "nathan" as a ruler name and "Fear" in the alliance field will appear. I guess it isn't so much that the search function isn't working per se, but it'd be nice if you could search "han fe" explicitly or something along those lines (it doesn't let you use " in the search field).

I guess it might be more the way the search is performed being different than how I expect it to work.

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