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Unable to purchace multiple Boarder Walls


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In a single transaction

Nation Name Fortress

When trying to use the new feature to purchase 2 or more boarder walls (when I had either 0 or 2 already) I get the following error message

Purchase of 2 Border Walls at $120,000 is denied. That would put your nation over the limit for that improvement. You may only purchase 1 Border Walls at this time.

As I said I tried with both 0 and 2 boarder walls with the same result

I could purchase 1 at a time

Love the delete multiple improvements feature

thanks be to admin

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This is probably due to the fact that border walls decrease population, and therefore could decrease the number of improvement slots you have. If you bought border walls one at a time, you may only be able to buy 3 even if you started out with 5 open improvement slots.

Yes, this. I've updated the description for border walls to state that only one may be purchased at a time.

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