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Event problem


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Hi, I literally just cleared this very same event yesterday and today I get hit with it AGAIN. :gag:

That'll be two months straight (save just yesterday) that I've had this exact same negative event. I would not mind so much if it were a different negative event, but it's the very same thing I just cleared. I imagine it's a bug because I can't believe the same event would repeat just 24 hours after it cleared.

A plane containing some of your nations most notable and wealthy citizens has crashed in a neighboring nation who is holding the citizens hostage and refuses to turn the survivors over to you.


- Bart Simpson of Arenellia


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I have the same thing with another different Event.

I really dont mind having negative events ( part of the game)

but 24h after the event ended the same negative event started.

Now when more users have this this maybe really is a bug.

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I don't think it can be fixed because I believe events are just randomly generated so I don't think it can know that a nation already has a certain event. I'm not 100% positive but I think thats how things work.

This is correct and I will state again, there are a limited number of events in the game and receiing epeat events is not a bug.

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