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Strange stuff afoot

Finster Baby

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While engaging this nation: http://www.cybernations.net/nation_drill_d...Nation_ID=36593

Myself and a comrade reduced him to 1487 troops. His citizen population is 20,410. He has since, in about 25 minutes time, rebuilt to his normal battle strength.

What we're wondering is why did he not anarchy? By my calculations, and it may be off slightly, 20% of 20,410 is 4082. I'm willing to grant that this may be off slightly, but the nation should have anarchied, and didn't.

Can someone explain this? Many thanks.

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I beg to differ on this one, because I know I've made initial attacks that have thrown a nation into anarchy.

I could be wrong tho, and I'm certainly not trying to be a jerk about the whole thing. I'd appreciate it if someone who can definitively answer this to please respond (member of the moderation team preferrably), I'd appreciate it.

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