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Well, the truth that this gives disgust. I Banned for allegedly using more than one nation, when in fact at school all we connect with the same ip ...

It's better that I send an e-mail to let me Previn for connecting there, and ready.

I think most reasonable.

Besides, if used more than one nation would be traded, because I do not fart going to create.

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Online translators...the horrors....

Hey, they help me get my spanish homework done :P

Italian: Ebbene, le regole chiaramente (in inglese comunque) che è una %&$#one per ogni indirizzo IP. Reti pubbliche sono una cosa molto brutta da utilizzare con Cybernations.

Spanish: Pues bien, las normas establecen claramente (en Inglés de todos modos) que es una nación por dirección IP. Las redes públicas son una cosa muy mala para su uso con Cybernations.

French: Eh bien, les règles clairement état (de toute façon en anglais) qu'elle est une nation par adresse IP. Réseaux publics sont une très mauvaise chose à utiliser avec Cybernations.

English: Well, the rules clearly state (in English anyways) that it is one Nation per IP address. Public networks are a very bad thing to use with Cybernations.

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