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I. Who We Are

We are a new Alliance on the move across the face of Planet Bob and we invite you to join us on our journey to success. As a member you will recieve Growth AID Loan of 3 mil once you have been accepted. (sent within 10 days)

We offer position within our Alliance dependent on how active you wish to be.

Continued Forum/IRC activity gains you rewards and we will be instituting a Monthly Lottery and Donation Draw.

At the moment we are at Def-Con 5 and enjoying a time of national growth.

Stop by our forums and register at: http://www.exodusalliance.co.nr/

Our IRC channel is located at #Exodus at Irc.Coldfront

II. What We Offer

- 3 mil Growth AID.

- 3 mil Monthly Lottery

- Forum/IRC activity random bonus of 1 mil (chosen randomly whenever)

- A small tight knit Community

III. Government

Supreme Commander


Minister of Foreign Affairs

Stagger Lee

Minister of Internal Affairs


Minister of Defense


Minister of Finance


Minister of Recruitment


Exodus Charter

Charter of Exodus


We, the members of Exodus, swear to uphold honor, protect our fellow nations in times of war, work for the betterment of our nations, and agree to abide by this charter

Section I: Admission

1) All who wish to join must change their Alliance Affiliation to Exodus Applicant.

Exodus applicants shall have the protection and basic rights of a Exodus member.

2) Applicants will be monitored and evaluated by the Minister of Internal affairs and the rest of the cabinet.

3) Dual alliance membership is strictly forbidden.

4) Exodus members may reside on any color sphere but the primary sphere for Exodus is the black color sphere.

5) Before being granted membership, the following oath must be taken:

I [nation ruler] of [nation name] swear to uphold the Exodus Charter to the best of my ability. I will conduct myself in respectable manner at all times. I will be civil towards other members.. I will do nothing to put the alliance of Exodus and her members in danger. I will to the best of my abilities be an honorable member and defend Exodus in times of war.


[nation ruler] of [nation name]

Section II: Membership

1) A nation must fulfill all the requirements in Section I to be granted membership.

2) A nation must set their in game AA to Exodus.

3) Any member that wishes to resign must post an official resignation thread.

4) Any member who receives foreign aid from any member of Exodus while in the alliance and wishes to resign, must pay all debts, dollar for dollar or they acknowledge that Exodus has the right to pursue that nation regardless of Alliance affiliation or re-rolled nation.

5) Any member who is in good standing may apply for one of the democratically elected positions in the alliance.

6) In cases of violation of the charter, a tribunal will be given to the accused to defend themselves. The Supreme Commander has the supreme authority to expel a member.

Section III: War and Aggression

1) Exodus seeks a peaceful existence between itself and the many other alliances of Cyber Nations, therefore all offensive wars must be approved by the Secretary of Defense.

2) Exodus embraces nuclear weapons with open arms. They are an important part of nation building and we urge members to have maximum nuclear weapons. Utilization of nuclear weapons requires the approval of the Supreme Commander.

3) All attacked nations must post the specifics of the attacks in the appropriate area of the forums.

4) Attacked members have the right to defend themselves, using any form of military force excluding Nuclear weapons.

Section IV: Trade and Aid

1) Member nations are encouraged to trade within the alliance

2) Member nations are requested to give at least 24 hour notice when canceling any trades.

3) Member nations are encouraged to aid each other for the purpose of helping each other grow.

4) Member nations are allowed to aid members of different alliances if the nations receiving the aid are not in any wars.

Section V: Government

I) Supreme Commander

1) Leads the alliance

2) Has the authority to approve/disapprove any offensive wars

3) Authority to approve or deny any pending treaties

4) Has the power to declare war with the unanimous vote of the Cabinet.

5) May make any amendments to the charter

6) Oversees the work of each department head.

7) May appoint the Cabinet with a unanimous vote by other Ministers.

8) May take disciplinary actions against members who have broken laws stated in the charter. Military tribunals will be held in these cases.

II) The Cabinet

1) Consists of the Minister of Defense, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Minister of Internal Affairs and Minister of Finance.

2) All positions are appointed by the President.

3) Leads each respective department as the Chief.

4) Positions are lifetime until appointed or membership impeachment by a petition of at least 51% of the membership. If the petition reaches 51%, members will vote on the resignation of the Appointed Minister

5) Unanimous vote by Cabinet required to fire a Minister (4 votes)

I) Minister of Defense

1) Head of the Exodus military

2) May approve tech raid targets

3) May construct military divisions.

4) May appoint Military Commanders. (Field Marshals)

5) Responsible for organization during Full Scale War.

6) Holds a lifetime seat until resignation

II) Minister of Foreign Affairs

1) Head of the Exodus Diplomacy Corps

2) Appoints Diplomats

3) Chief Diplomat

4) May draw create/dissolve relations with alliances

5) Holds a lifetime seat until resignation

III) Minister of Internal Affairs

1) Head of Internal Affairs

2) May create programs for the betterment of the internal structure of the alliance

3) Chief of Recruitment

4) Chief of inter alliance relations

5) Holds a lifetime seat until resignation

IV) Minister of Finance

1) Head of financial matters in the alliance

2) Head of the Nation Audit Program

3) Appoints Banker Nations

4) Holds a lifetime seat until resignation

VI) Ratification

As of this day forth, the 1st May of 2008, Exodus is an alliance.

Signed by the Founding Members,

Supreme Commander


Minister of Foreign Affairs

Stagger Lee

Minister of Internal Affairs


Minister of Defense


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