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Has the way a Defeat Alert is caused changed? I just did a ground attack against a nation, then went to do another, and caused a Defeat Alert to be sent to that nation- right after having ground attacked it.

It was my understanding that Defeat Alerts could ONLY be sent if no ground attacks against a nation had taken place (I just did 80 infra damage, 20/40/20 in ground attacks).

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The only limit dealing will Defeat Alerts is a nation can only suffer one a day. AFAIK, it's always been like that. I remember in GW3 anarching a nation with the first ground attack of the day and getting a defeat alert on the second. I too was able to do the same damage (40/20/20) when I caused a Defeat Alert with the first attack of the day following a blitz that occurred before update. He later rebuild his military and I used the two ground attacks to hit him for the additional damage.

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