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Quesiton Regarding new senate voting preference


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I tihnk it would be a good idea to have that option. Many a times before people have had the problem of being voted into senate unwillingly, and had to choose between leaving their team or being attacked. It would be so much easier (and perhaps make a bit more sense) if they could decline their Senate seat and invalidate all votes that they recieved.

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I agree with Sir Kyber on this one. As someone who has had to switch teams before for this exact situation, it would help a great deal if there was some manual reset on senate votes for your nation (or make it part of the switch, ie, disabling senate voting sets votes back to 0.)

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It only stops you from gaining additional votes. It could reset your votes to zero but that wasn't part of the suggestion so that was not included in the update.

Sorry to bring this up again, but erasing your current vote tally was part of the original suggestion:

A simple way out would be that a nation can chose in its setup to run for the senate or not. By default this option should be enabled, but a nations ruler can disable it any time. When disabling it, this nation will not longer show up in the Candidates List and all votes it currently has are erased.

Also, there was opposition to this suggestion if nations that were not in the Top 100 on a team became eligible if stronger nations were to disable their vote:

of course. the top100 requirement should still stand. So if for example 50 of the Top100 disable their eligiblity, there are only 50 appearing in the dropdown list to chose from. Thats all.

It appears that nations not in the top 100 are now allowed to be voted for. (ie on green nations up to 109 are allowed to be voted for)

I didn't know if I should bring this up in the suggestions subforum but seeing as these two things are adjustments to the implemented suggestion in order to bring it in line with the original idea, I think I'll just post a reply here.

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