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***Join the Revolution***


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HAIL The Revolution!


Quick Facts: (stats updated 2008/08/07)

We're big enough to matter on Planet Bob but small enough so that you will still matter to us. Let your voice be heard and find a place among our 'brotherhood'. We can keep you safe and we can help you grow and you can have fun while doing it to. Elections of our leaders happen on a regular schedule. There is always a chance to participate.

We have grown well since our start in 2008 but we need your help and your voice to shape our future. Join the Cybernations Revolution now!


If you would like to join us please go to our forums, then register and post an application. Diplomats are welcome to register and request a mask as well. Thank you for reading and we hope to see you there soon.

If you would like to talk to tR and ask questions then feel free to visit tR or PM:

Primearch: Compstomper

Elder Arch: Golden Boy

Hierarchs: SirloinOfBeef, Jgoods and Fred Derf

Forums - http://s1.zetaboards.com/The_Revolution_CN

IRC - #tr on coldfront.net

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High Council Changes:

Primearch -> Compstomper

Elder Arch of Foreign Affairs -> Golden Boy

Hierarch of Affluence -> Sirloin

Hierarch of Defense -> Jgoods45

Hierarch of Internal Affairs -> 1S1K_KOLOHE

Nominations are now being taken for five Alpha positions. The elections are scheduled for next week.

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