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My First Wonder?


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Unless you have the money right now to buy the Social Security System, you're better off buying the Stock Market. The SSS will make marginally more money than the SM, but at a cost $10 million higher. And when you just starting, getting your wonder cycle started as soon as possible is paramount since you can only buy them every 30 days. The cost of the SM over the SSS means you'll start that cycle at least several days sooner. The benefit to cost ratio for the SM is better. Typically you get the SM first and get the SSS as the second wonder.

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$90 gross?

Well you got 45465 citizens at 90 gross apiece, and I assume a current 28% tax.

I did some math and the SSS would only give you an extra 80k a day.

The Stock Market would give you an extra 130k a day.

So Interstate or SM.

I'm not sure where you got this math.

The SSS will allow him to raise his tax rate to 30%. His citizens are currently paying $90 a day in taxes now which infers that his citizen gross income is $321.43 ($90/.28 = $321.43) a day. If he gets the SSS, he'll change his tax rate to 30% and ($321.43*.30 = $96.43). So he his citizens will pay $6.43 more a day in taxes than they currently do and (45,465*$6.43 = $292,339.95 a day in extra income.

The SM gives $10 increase to income which when modified by the economic improvements is $20.75 which at 28% taxes is worth an extra $5.81 a citizen in taxes a day. So the SM will provide (45,465*$5.81 = $264,151.65) a day in extra income.

So by my calculations, the SSS comes out ahead by $28,188.30 exactly as I indicated in my answer above, marginally ahead of the SM. The SSS will grow in strength over the long haul though as your citizen income continues to grow and is the better deal as time goes on. Since you indicate you'll have the $40 million price tag for the SSS after your swap cycle, I would buy the SSS.

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I said 90 gross, not net.

Yeah, you did it right, but I think he probably meant net, at least at the wonder-buying level that would make sense.

Probably Stock Market if you don't already have the money for a Social Security System.

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