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Selling Donation - Full Payment Due by March 30th


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The proud people of Bloxhelm, in preparation for a great building project, have authorized me to make the following offer:

I will provide a $20 Donation to the nation of your choice*

in exchange for

CN$18 Million (or $15 Million plus 100 Technology units)

All payments are due by Sunday, March 30th. The buyer is to provide the necessary middlemen.

Donation to be made on any date of your choice, after 1st payment has been received.

Send a PM here or to my nation to make arrangements.

References available upon request.

*Eligibility Requirements:

  • Donation recipient must be a nation in good standing. The nation must not have any active wars, nor be subject to POW restrictions, rogue sentences, or other political sanctions.
  • Middlemen must follow the same political eligibility requirements, though minor wars are acceptable.
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Holy crap, have prices inflated.

I remember back when it only cost 3 mil. Wow. Do times change.

It's nearly at the point where it's cheaper to just buy the infra yourself.

Ehh, not really. As more nations grow bigger, big ones become even stronger, and the amount of donors remain constant, they'll be able to afford the donation more and more, and on top of that, it's still going to be a great deal for big nations (I'm at 6.6K, and it's still a good deal).

In short, with demand and necessity increasing on a steady pace with no increase in supply will inevitably make the price increase rapidly.

On topic, the deal is quite reasonable, in fact. :P

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This deal is now closed.

In full disclosure, I compromised and accepted $15M, which is the same price I got for the last donation I sold. I suspect I could have obtained my asking price, had my situation allowed me more time. In fact, Princess Aurora Soup's post makes me wonder if I should have held out...

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