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Order of Sovereingty


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As of last night a new alliance has emergered from the sea.

It is called Order of Sovereingty

It is purple team based and is willing to pay 3 million dollars for new nations

Upon entry a new nation may apply for a job and also recieve more power.

You are not just a number in the Order of Sovereingty, you are a brother or a sister.

The Order of Sovereingty looks to build a strong financial sector and develop a well organized military unit. Join today!

<a href="http://z15.invisionfree.com/Order_of_Sovereingty/index.php?act=idx" target="_blank">http://z15.invisionfree.com/Order_of_Sover...dex.php?act=idx



We the people of Order of Soveregnty, henceforth known as OoS, do hereby declare our existence to the world, and vow to uphold the letter and law of this charter. We are officially a purple team alliance, and our primary belief is that of a brotherhood and kinship, wherein each and every member will be treated with the utmost level of respect and dignity.

Article 1: Membership

In order to be considered for membership into OoS, a prospective applicant must provide the following information in our sign-in forum:




Link to nation-

The immigration department of OoS will deliberate and perform a background check on your nation and your character. Assuming that all goes as planned, you will be accepted and will be immediately eligible for start-up aid, up to 3 million, depending on the situation.

Any nation that is less than 1,000 strength is assured some amount of start-up aid. However, regular forum activity will be required of all members, and please keep in mind that not all nations will be accepted.

Article 2: Interim Governemnt

OoS governement will consist of five members. Two "Founder" positions, responsible for most of the top-level changes and structure are life-time posts. The three other positions shall consist of our Minister of Foreign Affairs, Minister of Internal Affairs, and Minister of Defense. All five shall rule jointly on OoS's council, under the watchful gaze of the Founders. Ministers are elected to six month terms.

Article 3: Member Rights and Obligations

As a member of OoS you are protected by our military, and as such are expected to fight when the alliance is in need. The layout and structure of the military will be such that banking nations as well as fighting nations will be required for a successful defense and/or offensive. However, OoS will not take to arms without just cause, nor without ample warning when possible.

OoS respects the sovereignty of all nations, even unaffiliated. As such, the practice of tech raiding is banned, and judicial action will be taken should any nation under OoS protection be found raiding.

Each and every member of OoS has the right to a fair trial, should charges be brought up against them, wherein the Founders will oversee the proceedings, and the Ministers and their deputies will act as the jury. As well, members of OoS have the right and the ability to propose legislation, wherein the final decision on all proposed legislation shall lie within the wise and capable hands of the Founders.

Signed, on this day February 18th, 2008 for Order of Sovereignty,

Shawns, Founder

Swazz, Founder

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The World Order Forums

Would You like to merge with The World Order?

The World Order Merging: Procedures and Regulations


The merging alliance will be given 60 days to change their Alliance Affiliation to "The World Order

The World Order will be the sole Alliance Affiliation of any alliance that merges with us, and the alliance will shut down their forums and use ours.


Contact me here or in-game (my nation) and I will set-up the forum with the political party's topics.


The alliance merging into The World Order will become a political party with its own password protected forum.

The alliance flag will become the political party flag which can be selected from "My Controls" -> "Edit Personal Info" and to the drop-down box titled "Political Parties" on the forums.

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We the leaders of Order of Sovereignty will gaurantee positions,aid,sign up bonuses,protection,advice,andhelp. If you have any questions please fell free to pm me me or Swazz and we will be glad to help you in any way we can

You offer nothing. You are not capable of creating a solid alliance. The two of you don't even know the basics of CN politics.

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As long as you don't start attacking people we're open to looking after you. (as long as you stay in the Purple Sphere of course)


We offer more than your alliance will ever offer Robb.

Firstly, 3 million. Do you not consider the growth that can happen in a small nation for 3 million?

Do you not consider the loyalty a small nation will develop with us

Secondly, an oppertunity for leadership and responsibility. In this alliance you are no just a number such as in your alliance Rob, you are a brother or a sister.

Lastly, we believe in respect and humility. We don't go around bashing other alliances.

We do not destroy hope. We create it.

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I'll do my best not to turn this into a big arguement. I didn't come here to stand a pointless fight. However (this is the point where I start the fight) ...

Lastly, we believe in respect and humility. We don't go around bashing other alliances.

We do not destroy hope. We create it.

Interesting take on Planet Bob compared to what you said earlier.

We offer more than your alliance will ever offer Robb.

Also - Any alliance worth its own weight in salt offers some form of starter up fee as an incentive for people to join. Yes, £3,000,000 is a lot to offer a brand new nation, but a lot of alliances do this anyway. Also, with only two bank nations, you will struggly to be able to keep up with demand.

You need to rethink your Charter. You also need to stop advertising on the OWF, because that is not where you will get members who want to join purely because you offer £3,000,000.

Good luck anway though.

Btw. Don't insult the Brotherhood. Ever.

Edited by Scott Robb
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Once again, you lie.

You are doing your best to turn this innocent topic into a big arguement. You came here not interested but only to bash. I am unaware of anything by the name planet bob, we will aide 3 million.

Not only 3 million Robb but an oppertunity for power within the alliance. Realisticly, if I were to join a larger alliance I would only be a number holding no power, no oppertunity for power. Maybe if I served that larger alliance for at least a year i would be given some power. Here you are given power as soon as you sighn up.

Unlike other alliances, this alliance is meant to help every one of it's members rather than demand their sacrifice.

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CN is a free game. All players are free with their own rights. No alliance can "demand" sacrifice. Sacrifice is something you give out of love for your alliance. By virtue of logic, there is no way that everybody in an alliance can benefit at the same time. Some have to give for others to receive. Aid. does not from the Tooth Fairy.

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Would you expect your other leaders to commit a similar sacrifice? Power is synonymous with sacrifice. Leading an alliance, is no walk in the park. By the very merit of leadership and power, you have to sacrifice. That doesn't really fit into the whole concept does it? :)

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