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Citizen Income Bug


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Citizen income was at 604$ (roughly)

I purchased and then decommed Guerilla camps. My income is now 600$. 


There must be a bug in the income formula, since there is no reason I would lose income from decom. The bug is either with the display or the actual formula. Probably reproducible but I don't want to permanently lose money to find out.


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4 hours ago, admin said:

Your citizen income is currently $600.51. I added 2 Guerilla camps to your nation and your citizen income reduced to $504.43. Are you sure that you didn't see $504 as $604?

Yeah, I'm sure. I had been discussing citizen income with another nation over discord at the time, which is why I noticed the discrepancy. Unfortunately, I didn't do a screen grab of my nation but rather had just been discussing it. I'm fairly certain I couldn't have miswrote 604 instead of 600 (just because of distance from keys and so on).

If it's not reproducible, that's kind of odd, but maybe it was a display bug or something then.


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