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The Christian Coalition of Countries Wants You!

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Greetings, Cyberverse!


Planet Bob may be stagnant but some alliances remain steadfast unto the end. I'm pleased to inform you that the Christian Coalition of Countries (CCC), founded in the late spring of 2006, is still around and looking for new recruits. We're an ancient alliance made up of nations dedicated to a wide range of Christian faiths, denominations, and traditions. We have a long-established alliance culture of faith, honor, mutual cooperation, and respect. We defend our honor, and we defend our own. We are looking for active Christian Nations and in exchange we offer guides, grants, protection and support.




Our alliance page can be found here: https://www.cybernations.net/alliance_display.asp?ID=10028


Please join us in Discord too - it's free and safe to use. It makes communication so much easier! We also plan our nation growth and war strategies here: https://discord.gg/EF2SGXt


Thank you for your time and best wishes! God bless.


Brother Gerard

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Looking for a community in CN that's centered around your Christian faith? The Christian Coalition of Countries is the home for you! We welcome folks of all denominations, and are respectful of everyone's beliefs. Join now!

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If you're looking for a storied alliance with an active community and thriving economy, look no further than the CCC. We welcome all new members, whether you've never played CN or been here since the beginning of the game; whether you're looking for an active community with lots of open gov positions, or a place to grow your nation in peace; whether the idea of a channel dedicated to apologetics sounds fun, or you're not even sure where you stand in your faith. The CCC strives to be an inclusive home for everyone, centered on the wholesome foundation of faith, and designed for you to really enjoy CN, both in game and in the community built around it.


Join the CCC today and see what we're about! https://discord.gg/EF2SGXt

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