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D1 states it a Perm War on the Wolves

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Just so everyone is clear....

HG has informed me that for the reminder of the round we will be at war with them.

No Objections here :) but would have peaced out like usual.


Also NLoN seems to be attacking us, coincidence? I think not.


Good luck to all!

Al Bundy


HiredGunLast Tuesday at 3:11 AM

You'll know no more peace in TE
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D1 leadership has reached out for peace. No attacks starting July 30th, then for a two week peace agreement.


NLoN was given the same terms but starting on July 31st and ending on August 14th.


Good luck to all in the rebuild!


Al Bundy

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i would like to personally thank OP for stepping in to help with the disgusting tactics  NLoN  took upon AW ..  i am pleased to hear that some of NLON didn’t agree with there leadership and HGs master plan in a dirty unjustified attack on AW …. 


also i would like to commend the NEW leadership of D1 for putting HGs personal vendetta aside and coming to this peace agreement ,,,


i hope terms don’t fall apart due to one person being butt hurt …



good war and thank you again OP 



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