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GM Nominations

Evangeline Anovilis

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So, 3 months have passed and it is time for new GM elections. Thus, I hereby open the nominations.


As always:

  • You can nominate anyone who has a valid nation in CNRP, is willing to accept the nomination and is not you.
  • You can nominate up to three people this way.
  • You need a valid nation in CNRP to nominate people.

Nominations run for 48 hours. Please use your democratic rights wisely.

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As nominations are closed, in order of number of nominations received:


Evangeline Anovilis - 3 nominations

Triyun - 2 nominations

Centurius -1 nomination

Horo the Wisewolf - 1 nomination

Justinian the Mighty - 1 nomination


As only 5 people were nominated, all nominees are advancing to election phase.

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