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The Duchy of Poland (1066-1086)

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Duke Bolesław II rode to his Northern border and looked out over it with distaste. It wasn't that it existed, per-say, that bothered him, no, the existence of a northern border was a perfectly normal, healthy thing, but it was depressingly dry ever since Pomerania had separated with him (1060) and furthermore, due to Pomerania's separation, enemies now existed on that side of the line. He turned to his second, a rather ambitious Baron, by the name of Sclaryscsz, with a very serious expression, "What is the size of our muster?" he asked the man, knowing somewhat what the answer was.

"Milord, we can at best muster twenty thousand men, I suspect that some of our numbers should be faulty since the last we got a comprehensive answer was some years ago." the man says, looking a little worried by his lord's odd demeanor, "Your Grace, what is it that you plan to do? You've been distant ever since your brother died." the event had been a year ago and had given him some great amount of land but it had made him sorrowful, many had been worried about his health.

"You shouldn't worry, I'm quite well." the duke says, turning and beginning to ride slowly back towards Poznan, "Pomerania has been rebellious for far too long." he continued, "We have allowed them legitimacy because we haven't destroyed them, it's time that we change that, we've wallowed too long without a seaport. I wish to see them brought under my heel once more."

"Your Grace, are you suggesting that I should muster the armies?" the Baron turned with him and rode alongside, "The drużyna and your nobility will likely resist such a move milord, they've sat idle for a long while and-"

"I don't care." he waves away concern, "There is much to do and we don't have long to do it."

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An Envoy would be dispatched to the Duchy of Poland, the Hansa would need allies considering their surroundings. A caravan containing stores of the finest wax, amber, resin, furs, and rye the Hansa had to offer, would be sent alongside with the envoy, to display just some of the many goods the Hansa had to provide the Polish.

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The Duke would look over the contents of the caravan, noting that while most of it could be found in Poland itself, it wasn't the cheapest stuff and any imports that would reduce the price would be appreciated, "I have heard of this league to the West of us, remarkable that such a group would present itself, who rule themselves so strangely." He looked to the envoy and nodded back towards the center of the city, "Come, I think there are a few things that we can discuss."


Meanwhile, to the north...


The armies of Poland gathered in three groups of four thousand, the muster having come up with approximately 13,000 men, most of which were cavalrymen, though still a significant amount were too poor to afford horse and would fight on foot for the campaign up through Pomerania. The armies busied themselves gathering supplies and weaponry, not wanting to rush into a fight without being fully prepared.

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