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Sons of Shivaji


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[i]For too long, history has left us behind, the once proud subcontinent has shown little activity beyond the status quo for many years, history has been waiting to be written.


Let those books begin now, the Sons of Shivaji have returned, the claims of the past be the claims of our future. Let all in the subcontinent cast flowers in the streets, let all children taste the sweetness of future. It was our duty long ago to forge a nation state, a nation state that saw its share of victories and woe befall it, but let these notes of history be a lesson, not a disgrace. As Shivaji heroically and masterfully crafted the independence movement that would lay the foundations, the rock upon which our nation sits upon now. We have returned to lead once again, to let all in the subcontinent taste the sweetness of prosperity in fellowship, under the wise guidance of those who have proven themselves before.


This is our declaration of independence, this is our cry into the night of darkness and that of the status quo, a light shall be forged for all, we shall hold that light, and guide those who have fallen astray. We will return warm pride to the hearts and the minds, rekindle the flame of independence, stand on guard for those who cannot. The people of India now rise again in bliss as saffron banners shall fly true again, over Pune, over Delhi, over Mumbai, over Dhaka, let all celebrate the coming of prosperity and order.


The Maratha Empire rises again.[/i]


Santaji Bhonsle

[i]Heir Apparent to the Throne of the Marathas[/i]

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"Our nation is delighted to see the Indian people to have organised themselves in a state again. We hope that great achievements and contributions to humanity come from one of the largest and most ancient civilisations and that relations between our states may be friendly and trade prosperous. We hereby extent recognition to the Maratha Empire."

-Akiyama Kagami, Prime Minister of Japan

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[b]In response to Japan;[/b]


"We thank the warm recognition provided to us by Japan, and their hearty words and wishes towards our future. We kindly extend the opportunity for your honorable nation to send emissaries to the court and establish an embassy within our borders."


[b]In response to the United Kingdom;[/b]


"We thank the recognition extended by the United Kingdom, and we welcome the opportunity to establish positive relations with British Isles.


We welcome the UK to dispatch an emissary to the court, and establish an embassy in our capital, if we are allowed the same courtesy."


[b]In response to Tianxia;[/b]


"We thank the recognition that has been extended to us by our northeastern neighbors, and pray for these cordialities to continue.


We will gladly accept the invitation extended to us to establish relations, and shall dispatch an emissary to Nanjing at a time most convenient to both of us."


[b]In response to the Republic of Sudan;[/b]


"We thank our neighbors from across the seas for their recognition of Indian independence, may our relations be cordial and positive in the coming years.


We welcome the Republic to send an emissary to court, and construct an embassy within our borders."

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"We welcome and bid Maratha well in our world."
- Queen Lanying


"We thank you, Queen Lanying of Meihua, for your well wishes and recognition.


We invite Meihua to send an emissary to the Marathi court, and we hope that you shall exchange embassies with our esteemed nation."


The Kazakhstan federation recognizes this new sovereign nation. Invitation for embassy has been extended in the Kazakh capital.


"We thank Kazakhstan for their recognition and embassy invitation to our nation.

We will certainly move to establish a diplomatic outpost within your nation as soon as it is feasible, and we certainly invite you to do the same."

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The American Commonwealth recognizes the Maratha Empire as a sovereign nation and welcomes you to the world stage.  For too long the Indian people have not had a presence in the global community.  It is our hope that our two nations will be able to engage in friendly relations, and offer the establishment of a formal diplomatic exchange.


-American Commonwealth State Department

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[b]In response to the American Commonwealth[/b]


"The Maratha Empire thanks the American Commonwealth for their kind words and recognition on the world stage, indeed, it has been too long since the subcontinent has had any tangible representation. We invite the Commonwealth to establish an embassy in Pune, and send an emissary to the court of Santaji, and we will gladly dispatch an ambassador of our to establish a mission in your own capital."


[b]Private Discussion at a High Council Meeting;[/b]


Santaji, upon reading the statement from the DPRK at a council meeting, would receive a scoff from one of his chief ministers, "What kind of farcical state that is neither democratic, republican, or for the people, thinks they can threaten or poke fun at a nation for their well-earned name?"




The Sudanese would be appropriated a diplomatic mission in the government quarter of Pune, located close to the Shaniwar Wada as well as conveniently close to the Foreign Ministry. The residence would be large enough to host appropriate support staff and the ambassador to Maratha, as well as office space for handling consular affairs for any Sudanese citizens that needed the assistance of their diplomatic mission in-country.


Anant Gopalraj, a close associate to several individuals on the High Council, would be assigned as ambassador to Sudan, and was immediately dispatched to represent Maratha interests in the North African nation, along with an appropriately-sized diplomatic staff.

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