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20:37:58 <Dominique_Desrosiers> It's good to finally meet with our neighbors in person, I'll be the french diplomatic liason for switzerland, We are highly interested in working towards a united Europe.
20:38:41 <LordNorth> The Swiss people are coming to recognize that Europe must stand in solidarity with one another or be overtaken by the events of our era.
20:39:56 <Dominique_Desrosiers> Indeed, the events in the Americas have proven a united Europe is the only way for us to maintain our position in global affairs, infighting will lead to another Great War, something I am sure we can all live without.
20:41:26 <tidybowlman> It is the position of my government that Switzerland has no interest in growth outside of our physical borders. However, we are greatly interested in increasing our economic reach. To this end we feel we must cooperate without neighbors, specifically those in France to resolves issues and support each other in times of hostility.
20:42:20 <tidybowlman> (without - with our)
20:44:30 <Dominique_Desrosiers> We likewise have little interest in European expansion, and would prefer to focus our attentions upon Africa and the Atlantic, our present dispute with Italy is most unfortunate in that regard. We can certainly arrange for closer economic relations with the Swiss, the strategic position of Switzerland provides us with ample reason to relax or remove tarrifs and ensure that France and its African colonies are open markets for Swiss goods.
20:46:51 <lordnorth> Excellent, the traditional arrangements in the realm of banking in Switzerland will not change other than certain deposits made to a certain bank that is controlled secretly by the Swiss government will be allowed to the French government. You know, for those things you'd rather not know about or hear about later.
20:47:04 <lordnorth> What is France's position on Italy?
20:49:27 <Dominique_Desrosiers> The Italians have taken advantage of our government reorganization and now are claiming Tunisia as part of Italy, we will not allow this to happen. Should Italy elect to continue upon this revisonist path we plan on... assisting them in changing such views, if the Swiss were to benefit, either by gaining land or a more favorable trade agreement with the Italians, we would be in support of this.
20:51:50 <lordnorth> Switzerland has no designs on Italian lands other than securing a corridor by rail and road to a Northern Italian port. Further, we request control over those port facilities to expand them for purposes of Swiss trade. Those same facilities will be made avaliable to the local Italian population as well, we aren't stingy, but we do want sea access that is 
20:51:54 <lordnorth> under our control.
20:55:09 <Dominique_Desrosiers> Understandable, we can certainly assist in ensuring that, as for the financial arrangements, I'll have that worked out, nothing we need to have the public know about of course. I presume this means we can count on your support in such future actions against the Italians? Of course we have no intentions of total war, but France cannot simply cede territories to other nations if it wishes to be taken seriously on the world stage.
20:55:50 <lordnorth> Of course, a threat against one is a threat against both. Before we conclude this meeting, what are your thoughts on the Austrian Hungarians?
20:58:27 <Dominique_Desrosiers> They have similar interests in containing the Italians, and due to this we hold an MDP with them, was there something in particular you had in mind to discuss regarding them?
20:59:19 <lordnorth> We are looking to extending diplomatic overtures to them as well and wanted to be sure it would not put France in a compromising position. Seems it won't from the looks of it.
21:00:13 <Dominique_Desrosiers> it certainly wouldnt be an issue from our perspective
21:00:43 <lordnorth> excellent. 
21:02:25 <lordnorth> We aim to commence operations in Northern Italy shortly, your government will be advised as the situation develops. For now we have a substantial force on standby for immediate operations in driving into Northern Italy with the aim of preventing their forces from moving South. We'd hope this would be taken into account for war planning with the aim of 
21:02:57 <lordnorth> isolating Italian forces and defeating them soundly in detail. No need for a protracted resistance, the spirit of Garibaldi never really died in the hearts of the Italians. 
21:03:53 <Dominique_Desrosiers> While I am not privy to the battleplans that have been arranged, I can put you into contact with those who are and will ensure they have this information so we all may work together in containing Italy and ensuring a rapid resolution.
21:04:40 <lordnorth> That is agreeable. 


and thus Switzerland and France agreed to an MDP.

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