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Procinctia Rising "1940"


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Procinctia today, Procinctia tomorrow, Procinctia forever.


Today all free peoples of the Aleutian have declared their independence.

Democracy has chosen their new leader of a shining new epoch.

Generalissimo, generalissimo of Procinctia, has been voted El Presidente.

Surely no conflict of interest in voting head of the previous junta for head of state.

Moving forward to a shining dawn of light Aleutian country reaches outwards.

Procinctia cheerfully opens the borders to a wider international community.

Tonight Procinctia Rises!


Generalissimo, man of the people

El Presidente Grand Admiral Generalissimo of Procinctia


"My fellow Procinctians, through my brief day of El Presidency. . . I have received your gratitude my compañeros, alas, I am nothing but a humble servant. You are MY masters, MY employers. I would like to extend my gratitude to the international community, who helped me to refine this guide through their valued suggestions and their kind words for the benefit of  Procinctia. Yes there are problems, there will always be problems, especially in the current global climate! The lack of proper housing, about which I hear so much these days, is one of them, and it WILL be resolved, in time, especially as the current economic situation stabilizes. We'll make amazing development in just one mandate! I have an even more astonishing future for you all! "

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Poland and its Polish Governing Junta recognizes and welcomes Procinctia/Aleutia,and invites it to establish an embassy in Warsaw.

We are quite sure we will get along famously, as we are a junta government, and Aleutia was recently ruled by junta itself.

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Switzerland recognizes.. something or another.

Procinctia in return is recognizing that something in Switzerland.

Minimally we're acknowledging that something exists, perhaps a political entity, within that geography.


We are quite sure we will get along famously, as we are a junta government, and Aleutia was recently ruled by junta itself.

Poland is undoubtedly situated to properly understand Procinctia's developing political situation.


Generalissimo's oppressive junta has been destroyed by Generalissimo's democratic movement in freedom's name. Democracy now dawns with Generalissimo bringing down a dusk to Generalissimo's dictatorship. Generalissimo will ensure last remnants of Generalissimo's foul regime has been swept away. Generalissimo will be holding Generalissimo personally accountable for Generalissimo's illegitimate alleged government. Generalissimo believes that Generalissimo was a petty warlord. Generalissimo will bring justice upon Generalissimo. Generalissimo shall make Generalissimo pay! Generalissimo cannot hide for Generalissimo remains unrelenting in his ongoing pursuit. Generalissimo's vigil is only ending when Generalissimo is the final man among them standing. The people's will has prevailed!

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